Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Uphill Bike & Race Series Final Results

Since the beginning of humankind, we have dreamt of escaping the confines of our local gravity well, of taking flight and exploring the stars. Da Vinci studied the flight of birds to inspire his designs of flying machines, but it was bike mechanics, not polymaths, who first took us to the skies.

And so it was with this in mind that on November 22nd, a group of triathletes released their trusty two-wheeled steeds and set off up the Spanish Banks hill in an attempt to join the ranks of Amelia Earhart, Lance Armstrong, and Icarus.

Eric "Eponymous" Zhao had been sitting out the race series up until this point, opting instead to time the events. But this time he figured, What the hey, he needed to bike up the hill anyway to time the finish, why not just giv'er and put in a time worthy of immortalizing in the annals of UBCTC? So he did. He generously gave himself and 10-second deduction for starting the timer and putting the timer in/taking it out of his backpack.

Melissa "Natural Killah" Jung was next up the hill. She didn't seem too enthused about having nobody to chase. Lions don't run for no reason. But we convinced her that if lions had access to high-caloric foods as easily as we did, they would be at great risk for cardiovascular conditions. That spurred her to do the race.

Emily "Kind-of-a-big-deal" Rankin was next, channeling all the rage built up over years of teaching schoolchildren and designing beautiful buildings into a roid-rage-worthy performance.

On the men's side, rumours emerged that the rivalry between Chris and Flo has escalated to such a point that Kanye and 50 Cent could not help but take notice. Ever the gentlemen, the two waited until the team had left on their staggered starts before ripping into each other with caustic one-liners and trash talk that could fill 50 Great Pacific Garbage Patches. Keep an eye on these two next semester!

And that concludes the Fall 2015 UBC Triathlon Club Race Series! Thanks everyone for participating. If you couldn't run/swim/bike with us this term, you'll have another opportunity next semester. Don't worry too much about winning -- as Winston "Blue Steel" Guo always says, it's not about the Race Series points, it's about the style points.

Fall 2015 UBC Triathlon Club Race Series Final Results.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Blog writer takes a break, oh yeah some guys ran a mile too

Well, here we are, a rather two weeks late post and you can certainly put the entire blame on this, ehem, guest blog writer. But without giving away the jewels of the true winner of the series, let’s recap the mile and flash back in time! And timely of course, throw the guest blogger under the bus while we're at it, since there seem to be a lot of anticipation for this recap.

Source: http://www.toonpool.com/cartoons/OBAMA%20UNDER%20THE%20BUS_31802#img9

This year marked the 2nd anniversary on the modernized mile at the Acadian blocks running establishment. Rumours are apparently the conventional 400m track have been scientifically proven to be too repetitive and boring for triathletes. As a result of diligent action by the execs, Sixteen hundred metres (and maybe 9ish more) of extreme cardio had to be moved to wider, straighter, harder pavement surface (AKA triathlon-friendly) to give a greater challenge for the athletes and draw more blog readers to this recap.
Source: https://www.cartoonstock.com/directory/g/go_the_extra_mile.asp

To add to the excitement, a bonus incentive for more highly coveted race series points was up for the taking, but only if you had the guts and fine fashion sense to wear anything denim. In retrospect, it seems last year everyone but the eventual event winners wore denim. Denim stocks took a plunge this year as top winners weren’t classing the denim wear…anymore. Even Katy Perry's daisy dukes Californian girls are no match to inspire the fashion sense into this world class field. Only your designated blogger and official fabulous timer, Eric, wore denim as he wasn’t even competing but was obligated to keep his sponsors happy and make a celebrity appearance.

The Acadia mile consists of a gruelling 1200m loop and straight into a 400ish m loop. Or best described as 5 right turns. But of course if you don’t do the pre-race warmup, you might confuse the course and take an early right turn. Race marshals had to kindly direct, yours truly, back onto the proper course as there was no ice cream aid stations as originally promised.   

Ben wins the polka dot jersey, and obtains some valuable TV time for his big sponsors. Potential denim donors, be on the lookout. He blistered up the first hill of the mile before the first right turn at 3:20 per km pace. Realizing his job was done, and there were no more swimming legs in the race series, Ben being the swimmer decided to jump into the ocean to do a late night swim before eventually coasting into the finish for the mile to preserve his king of the mountain status.

Florian uses his efficient German-engineering skills to keep the yellow jersey for another day. As overall leader coming into this second last event of the series, he will need to give a last ditch effort to clinch victory. He signed up for the half marathon race by accident, and may not finish the race series.

Reza finished among the leaders and offered some insightful commentary of the course at the half way point. He said something along the lines, “this is insane, not sure I signed up for this”. Martin calmly fills him in that the second half is actually the harder part. Not sure what to do, Reza pushed himself to great lengths and podiumed.

Not that it matters, the ladies competition was decided before the race started. Previous ladies champion Jen, decided to DQ herself for very sportswomanlike conduct. Free hugs and excessive high fives will not be tolerated at this world class big competition in the Acadian blocks. Sarah took the official win and secured the 1000 points.
Painfully-noticeably absent in this race is silent assassin Keith. Will he be back to strike again at the uphill TT or head straight to some BC town called Fernie for a 8 months boot camp? 
Source: https://www.andertoons.com/work/cartoon/4027/i-appreciate-you-going-extra-mile-ted-but-now-youre-mile-away




Wednesday, December 2, 2015

December Sponsor of the Month: West Point Multisport!

West Point Multisport was born out or our Original West Point Cycles store at 3771 West 10th Ave. West Point Cycles wanted to expand their business to include Triathlon while including a fit studio for bicycle fitting. The original location just was not large enough to do this properly so we added West Point Multisport across the street.

West Point Multisport has been open for 5 years now and we have worked hard to provide parts and services for triathletes of all levels. The Multisport store offers rentals and sales of Wet suits and sells clothing, swim wear, swim accessories and Nutrition for Triathletes specifically.

In May 2015 West Point Multisport added an ASSOS pro shop to the space which has added value to all of our customers’. The Multisport store is now the only place in British Columbia to provide a full ASSOS shopping experience.  This has not taken away from our dedication to Triathlon it has simply added more options for all cyclists.

The Multisport store currently sponsors both the UBC Triathlon Club as well as the UBC Road Cycling Club. We hope that this sponsorship helps students continue to participate in both Triathlon and Cycling events while studying at the University.

The West Point Multisport store at West 10th and Alma.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Kiln-Baked Rectangular Block of Clay (AKA Brick)!

I submitted my blog posts to peer review and got the comments back today. It... wasn't pretty. I was told to "turn down the suck" and "drop more names." Sigh. I'll take it as consolation that Fitzgerald wasn't appreciated in his own time, either.

Anyway, turning a new leaf!


On November 8, Keith "I-Don't-Run" Bystrom awoke to a fresh post-storm morning. He hopped out of bed directly into his tri suit. He doesn't go anywhere without the protection of a chamois these days, and this day in particular was likely to put his butt padding to the test.

For it was the day of the Brick! That sadistic combination of biking and running that only du- and triathletes would choose to do. What a delicious feeling, to have your legs so full of lactic acid that it feels like you've forgotten how to run. Keith turned on the kettle and poured himself a bowl of his favourite cereal - Fruit Loops with nonfat goat's milk and a dash of Teflon-based chain lube (it helps him stay regular). He chewed thoughtfully and prepared himself mentally for the race; it promised to be a good one.

Moments later, outside the Boulevard Cafe on UBC campus, Keith sat and waited for the arrival of his competitors. Chris "Aero Aaron" Hart rode in in Euro bike mode and decided he needed a pre-bike Americano in addition to his regular post-bike espresso. All that caffeine was sure to get his mood cyclic[ly] AMPed up.

After familiarizing the team with the course, Keith stripped off his "warmup gear," revealing his super aero and super revealing tri suit. The clock was ticking! We had to get into gear before he succumbed to hypothermia.

Jen "Fearless Leader" Moroz lead the way down Southwest Marine Drive, followed closely by Anna "Double-Tab" Martin, who needed to look presentable for work (no road grit) less than two hours later. Ariana "No-Joke" Aktary and Celina "Put-Your-Hands-Up" Lim took an unorthodox approach to the race series by being friendly to each other. This author detected no hints of sarcasm, trash talk, or accusations of low aerobic capacity in their friendly pre-race chit chat. Weird.

The men took pity at Keith's lack of insulating body fat and let him go first. Ben "Chains-of-Death" Morash followed with a roar, filled with rage and foaming at the mouth. His anger was matched by that of Florian "Götterdämmerung" Heinkel, who has recently been contact by physicists working on the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor to see if he can use his strength and raw animal magnetism to contain the high-energy plasma needed for fusion reactions.

Winston "Stylepoints" Guo was back to form, blazing new trails in haute couture with bib shorts over top of everything else. He's been sighted recently at runways in Milan and Paris, picking up the latest trends from across the pond. The Georgia Straight recently cited him as the most influential person in Vancouver bike courier fashion, so look to him for tips on to impress your Main Street hipster crush. Remember, looking good is the first step towards owning the podium.

Shortly after Chris made the turn back towards campus, the adrenaline of competition overtook his normal physiology, and he went Super Saiyan. Under normal circumstances this would have guaranteed victory; his power level, as measured by his bike power meter, was well over 9000. However, he did not account for the increase in body mass that accompanies his mad Super Saiyan gainz. His puny 23mm tires could not handle the pressure and burst, hobbling him for the rest of the race. But he was not down and out! The Saiyans were known as much for their character as for their athletic prowess. Chris ran the rest of the bike, clickety-clacking all the way up the 16th Ave hill.

An excellent Race Series event all around. We're almost at the end!

Who is Riff Raff and why does he have his arm around the love of my life?

Coming up next week, the Denim mile! Dig out your Canadian Tuxedos for bonus points!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

5k Time Trial

I've been catching a lot of flak lately for the length of time I take to compose these blog posts. But you know, F. Scott Fitzgerald was known for writing, editing, and re-writing his work countless times before publication. Masterpieces take time, and I'm just trying my best to live in that literary tradition, alright?

Last Thursday night (not to be confused with last Friday night) a group of intrepid triathletes left the comfort and safety of the Nest to test their night vision in the cold and alien world of Post Daylight Savings Point Grey. This is a convenient time for a friendly reminder to bring your headlamps to run practice from now on! It's a cruel world full of ankle-rolling hazards out there, my friends. Be ever vigilant.

The state propagandists in charge of the elementary school curriculum in China told me that the Long March was long, but I don't think they've run five-and-a-half laps of the Acadia Loop. A 5k is lung-burning, glycogen-depleting, lactate-building long. In a brazen attempt to verify special relativity by moving really fast, we only managed to stumble upon physiological relativity -- that is, a sensation of time dilation proportional to the intensity of discomfort experienced.

No problem, though, for these are triathletes accustomed to sufferfests. They inched up to the start line with some reluctance, burdened by the anticipated pain, spurred on by the possibility of glory.

At stake: the coveted Vincent Lavalleé Cup.

The heat of the race fires the crucible from which PBs are forged, and this race was hot. The personal dramas are revealed in the results themselves, so take a look and see if you can decipher the strategies and triumphs.

A group of us stayed around for some much-needed refuelling in preparation for the next events of the Race Series. Next up, the Brick and the Denim Mile! If you were aching for an opportunity to gain some style points, this will be your chance.

Post-race pit stop. Note the Bluman salute.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Race series update: 50m Swim Sprint and Aquathon!

Hang on to your chammies, tri-hards, we have a double blog post ahead!

Last Wednesday saw the inaugural racing of the new addition to the race series, the 50-metre Swim Sprint. Sure, we're known for our endurance, but that doesn't mean we can't giv'er when the situation demands it.

The pool was a roiling cauldron of athleticism for the ten minutes or so it took for the 22 triathletes to make it through the six heats of the race. It's kinda hard to describe the action -- imagine the classic piranha feeding frenzy, only instead of meat, they're going after Clif Bars, and instead of piranhas, they're triathletes.

The story of the night was Noa "Sleeper Agent" Sison's turbo-charged performance of 31.6s. Coach Tia definitely felt scandalized that Noa had been hiding this speed. 

To satisfy the cardio junkies, Coach Tia designed a special Halloween themed swim relay as cool down. But now that I've seen things from her perspective, I'm suspecting she makes us do these swims partly for personal entertainment...

Coach Tia giving out instructions for a post-race Halloween-themed relay.

It's a good thing this event didn't deplete all the glycogen, because just a few days later was the Aquathon, reported below by club President and Guest Blogger Jen Moroz!


Even though the morning forecast called for rain, rain and more rain, six athletes showed up to compete in the clubs first multi-sport event of the Fall classic race series – the crowd favorite aquathon!  This race consists of a 500m swim, followed immediately by a 2.2 Km run.

Martin made a grand entrance with his brand new tri-suit.  Built for speed and cold weather racing, it appeared that he might have a huge advantage over the other competitors.  An advantage felt by Flo and Jen, who were later found tampering with Martin’s shoes before the race.

But that wasn’t the only shenanigan for the day.  Nima was caught racing with a self-made jet pack after barreling past Jen and Martin less than 100m into the swim (despite starting 10 and 20s behind them, respectively). Tia had to confiscate the contraption before allowing the race to continue. Lucky for Nima, his burning desire to win the race allowed him to continue pushing the pace, setting him up well for the run.

Ariana and Ben worked well together in the swim to give them a huge lead heading into transition.  However, their inexperience caused them to blow this lead as both casually suited up for the cold run, and even stopped to sign a few autographs for their adorning fans.  During this time, Nima ripped past them, looking poised to get the W.  Jen surprised the entire crowd by posting one of the fastest transitions!  (Yeah, we didn’t believe it either).  Guess being the last out of the water meant she couldn’t waste precious time helping her competitors remove their wetsuits, nor give out free hugs.  ;)

Out on the run course, Ariana and Ben were in chase mode after the rapidly moving Nima.  Close behind, the chase pack of Martin, Jen and Flo (dressed up as a fairy!) did their best to close the gap.  Only Jen - channeling her inner Gwen Jorgensen - had the leg speed to charge after Nima.  But, she was unsuccessful as Nima cut the tape first with a final surge along the blue carpet.  Ben was the final competitor to make the podium, crossing the line less than a minute behind the leaders.

The excitement continued as Flo, Ariana and Martin were switching leads several times.  In the end, Flo used his fairy powers to propel him to a fourth place finish just ahead of Ariana, who was closely followed by Martin.

Up next are the 500m swim TT, the 5Km run and Brick.  Who has what it takes to dethrone Jen and Nima?  Will a new member surprise everyone with a dominant performance in one of these races?  Only time will tell.  Stay tuned!

November Sponsor of the Month: ATAC

As club veteran Winston "Style Points" Guo points out, half the battle of triathlon is looking good. UBC Triathlon Club has special assistance in this regard from one of our sponsors, ATAC Sportswear. The threads they provide have caught the eyes of competitors and civilians alike as we train and race in Vancouver and beyond.

UBC Triathlon Club ladies decked out in ATAC-supplied gear after dominating Storm The Wall 2014.

Key to the awesome look and high performance of the gear are the quality technical fabrics and high-tech printing process, something called "sublimation printing." I won't pretend to understand how that works, but take our word for it -- this ain't your grandpa's cotton T.

If you're in the market for some sportswear yourself, look no further! You can pick your item of clothing, upload your design, order, and you'll be swathed in sweat-wicking swag in no time. They supply way more than just triathlon gear, so consider ATAC the next time you have a company dragonboat team-building exercise.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Iona Time Trial

Important update to the Fall Race Series Schedule!

Due to scheduling conflicts at the UBC Aquatics Centre, the Aquathon has been moved to Saturday, October 31. Yes, it is Halloween. And yes, you will get bonus points for racing in costume.

The updated full schedule is now:

Oct 18: Iona 10.2K bike time trial
Oct 28: 50m swim sprint
Oct 31: Aquathon (swim and run)
Nov 2: 500m swim time trial
Nov 5: 5k run time trial
Nov 8: Brick (bike and run)
Nov 19: Mile time trial
Nov 21: Uphill bike time trial


On the eve of the conclusion of one marathon (electoral), an intrepid group of triathletes braved mist and traffic to embark on another (athletic). I'm speaking, of course, of the month-long UBC Triathlon Club Race Series.

This past Saturday saw the first event of the series, the 10.2km Iona Beach Bike Time Trial. We don't need no snobby cyclist derision at our flat course, the quad burn speaks for itself. Vincent "Aero Gear" Ye showed up fully prepared to demonstrate his understanding of fluid dynamics, while fearless leaders Jen "Jackrabbit" Moroz and Keith "Piston Legs" Bystrom cruised alongside German-engineered luxury V6 engines on Southwest Marine Drive. Leading the pack on the out-and-back course was Celina "Shiny Brakes" Lim, who was showing off a newly tamed steed.

Observance of speed limit is optional.

But the stars of the event were Emily "Class Act" Rankin, who won a special Race Series Prize for sportswomanship, and Florian "Kraftwerk" Heinkel, who powered through the course in the quickest time that day. Honourable mention goes to Nima, who I'm pretty sure is descended from a steam locomotive, for the fastest individual time of this event so far.

View the results of the Race Series here.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The 2015 Fall Race Series Begins!

Is there a distinct lack of trash talk in your life? Are you itching to collect POINTS for athletic prowess? How about for just showing up?

Look no further, the UBC Triathlon Club RACE SERIES is here! This intense series of eight races will test your wits and your brawn. Points are awarded after each event for participation and ranking. The schedule and distances are posted below. Mark your calendars!

Oct 18: Iona 10.2K bike time trial
Oct 24: Aquathon (swim and run)
Oct 28: 50m swim sprint
Nov 2: 500m swim time trial
Nov 5: 5k run time trial
Nov 8: Brick (bike and run)
Nov 19: Mile time trial
Nov 21: Uphill bike time trial

Thursday, October 1, 2015

October's Sponsor of the Month: Dunbar Physio

Plantar fasciitis, iliotibial band syndrome, Achilles tendonitis, shin splints…  A typical runner will become acquainted with one of these injuries, eventually — it’s just a matter of time. It’s hard to reconcile the notion that we were “born to run” with the outrageously high incidence of repetitive strain injuries afflicting the average road runner [1]. When running is such a huge component of triathlon training, how are we supposed to avoid injury, and what should we do after injury occurs?

Luckily for the members of the UBC Triathlon Club, we can turn to one of our sponsors, Dunbar Physio, in our moment of need. Dunbar Physio has been serving the community since 1984, and has been a generous sponsor of the club for 5 years. Located on West 41st Ave just east of Dunbar St, it’s a quick hop away from the UBC campus. Best of all, club members get 20% off regular private fees, three times per calendar year.

Dunbar Physio is located at 3540 West 41st Ave, just west of Dunbar St.

I went in for an appointment recently to consult the experts on the cause of some knee pain that I suspected to be related to my IT bands. The pain had thrown my training plan completely off the rails, and I was worried that I wouldn’t be prepared for race day. My appointment was with Jonathan, who took a detailed history of my injury, assessed my running stride, and walked me through the anatomy of the lower leg before narrowing down the possible causes of the pain. He prescribed me a handful of exercises to correct for my imbalances in flexibility and balance, and also suggested a new technique of myofascial release therapy inspired by the practice of cupping.

The team has benefitted from Dunbar Physio's generous support for the past 5 years.

I left the office with a sense of control over my injury, ready to do my exercises and hit the road. The next time you’re sidelined with a sports injury, look to the expertise of the trained physiotherapists of Dunbar Physio. They’ll get you back to racing in no time. 

Saturday, September 12, 2015

First bike practice!

The first bike practice of the year will be this Sunday, September 13, at 10am. Meet in the courtyard between the Nest and the Aquatic Centre.

We will be going over group riding etiquette, safety rules, hand gestures, etc.

See you there!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Welcome back!

September is here and the UBC Triathlon Club is excited for another year of training and racing!

Our first practice will be an introductory run, happening on Tuesday, September 8, at 5:30 PM. We will be meeting at our club office in room 3301F of the Nest (aka, the new Student Union Building).

To learn more about the club, please visit us at our booth on Imagine Day between 1 PM and 4:30 PM in the 'Having some Fun" zone (Main Mall near University Blvd).

The workout schedule for the year will be:
Swim - Mon/Wed 6-7 PM (meet on pool deck)
Run - Tues/Thurs 5:30-6:30/7 PM (meet at club office: 3301F)
Bike - Sun 10 AM (meet at club office)
Spin - Fri 5 PM (starting Oct 16th)
Stretchy Time - TBD

As a reminder, membership fees at $50/year, and swim fees (each term) are $80 for once per week or $120 for twice per week. The AMS is moving to an online membership system this year. To become a member, follow the steps outlined here: http://ubctriathlon.blogspot.ca/p/membership.html

Looking forward to meeting you all!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

One blog, to rule them all..

Hi everyone,

Prepare yourself for one of the most comprehensive, all encompassing blog posts of all times. This blog is 50% science, 25% sweat, 10% fun, and ~35% of that leftover water that you find in your water bottles a week after practice.

So there goes:

1) Storm the Wall

By now you have heard, maybe you were there? Maybe you took part in the epicness that was last week? In case you missed it..head over to the Facebook page and peruse.. Basically, this is what happened..




For another year, UBCTRI came out on top, winning just about everything, and breaking so many hearts in the process. There are simply too many epic backstories to recount in one blog, and therefore for the sake of brevity, I must apologize if I do any of our teams an injustice. Many photos were taken, and I am sure there will be epic odes and poems composed of our victories. But for now I will leave you with this:


2) Delicious Mile

Despite a smaller than average turnout to this semi-annual/semi-serious event the delicious mile was an epic night of epic fun. Taking a hard fought win, and at his first mile nonetheless, was Jamie "Ima Running Cyborg". Jamie overcame a hard charging Matt in the last 150 M to take the win, however  Matt was unfortunately later disqualified for having spilled over 1/2 of his last beverage. Keith and Spencer both finished strong, clocking a blazing last lap. Trash-talking, rain and episodes of near-vomiting were all there in equal measure.

3) Race Series Wrap Up

Did you think Race Series was over? Huh? The answer is NOOOOOOO! Come on guys! We have 1 event left..this Thursday - the Uphill Run! It promises to be a good one, so come out and lets try and keep the attendance high. REMINDER - you have untill April 1 to make up events. We have a lot of empty spaces on our spreadsheet so get that done!

4)Year End Banquet

Bring some food to share - dress up a little (Spandex is O.K., but strongly discouraged) and come hang out with some of the coolest athletes on campus. Rumor has it that Winston "The Silent Assasain" and Seth "Our Fearless Leader" will be performing a Karaoke rendition of Bryan Adams "Summer of 69" and other great hits. BE THERE!!

5) Ironman Asia Pacific Championships!

TriClubs very own Brendan Naef had a HUGE! showing in Australia last weekend - competing against some of the worlds best triathletes, and finishing sub-9 hours in a time of 8:49:34, and taking 17th overall at the same time. Many of our members had the opportunity to watch the race online - and it was AWESOME! Well done Brendan!

If you have made it this far - well done! That's it for now..don't forget to take in all the great stuff coming over the next 2 weeks.


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Iona Beach T.T. Recap - Introducing our future blogger to the fold...

How much road grit must a cyclist swallow before they call her a Vancouverite? The answer, my friends, was blowing in the cold grey winds on Sunday morning as the UBC Triathlon Club set out for Iona Beach to test their mettle.

The men’s leading contender, Matt “Eats-Cassettes-for-Breakfast” Baumeister, was noticeably absent from the morning scrum outside The Boulevard Cafe. Rumours abounded, but credible insider sources mentioned a scheduling conflict with a cooking class involving crockpots… This author will refrain from commenting on the importance of setting priorities.

Seth “Fearless Leader” Bluman led the pack down Southwest Marine in shiny new fluorescent garb and a cephalopod-like helmet. Tri Club veteran Winston “Stylepoints” Guo materialized somewhere along 16th Avenue. We think he may be the “spirit” of the Pacific Spirit Park.

Newcomer Sebastian “The Aviator” Munro was ecstatic to learn that we were going to the airport. So excited that he took flight early, but unfortunately he encountered turbulence at 30,000ft and crash-landed on the luxurious lawns of Southwest Marine. Emphasis on luxurious, though, as the ground was so soft that he walked away with only a scratch.

Once on the course, Keith “Slavedriver” Bystrom had no time for excuses and pushed us to do a warmup lap. Unfortunately, I think he was sleeping during his heat transfer lectures because, given the wind velocity, ambient temperature, and typical body surface areas of a triathlete, it was physically impossible to stay warm.

Jen “Jackrabbit” Moroz volunteered lead the pack and time the finish. Vanessa “Highest-Power-to-Weight-Ratio” Tilson followed. This author suspects she’s got turbochargers somewhere in her thighs. Definitely not a naturally aspirated engine. Katrina “Wears-all-the-Pants” Dutkiewicz came straight from a night of saving babies’ lives. No sleep, no problem.

Sweet day all in all! If you’re sad you missed it, worry not, for we have more Spring Race Series events ahead! Next up is the [Denim] Mile!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

UBC TRI/DU Race Recap!

Hi everyone,

First of all my apologies for this post coming out a little late, but here goes!

So here is the bottom line - UBC TRI crushed it this past weekend. We had a number of participants tackling both the Sprint and Olympic distances, from some first time participants to some of our more seasoned competitors.

This is how it went! P.S. If we missed your race results in the blog - we're sorry! Send us a message and we will correct that!

Florian: For his first Tri - Florian came out with FULL FORCE! A top 75 overall placement is a huge accomplishment! And did I mention he swam just a shade over 30 minutes? Right on Florian - keep it up!

Brendan: Club strongman Brendan had a battle on his hands for the overall Olympic distance supremacy - and finished a very strong 2nd overall and a hair over 2 hours.

Winston (The Silent Assassin): Despite getting bumped around a bit on the swim, Winston managed a strong swim (Sub-30!) and finished a very handy 15th overall - not to mention a sub 45 minute run!

Nima (The Dark Horse): Nima confessed to being a little "distracted" on the course last weekend, but still managed a blazing fast bike - finishing just spot ahead of Winston, making 2 it TriClubbers in a row!

Jen B (The Bhatlinator): With a 26 minute swim and a sub 45 minute run, there was no stopping the Bhatlinator on her way to winning her Age Group and finishing 25th overall! Way to go Jen!

Janis: In the weeks leading up to the race, Janis was seen putting in some big miles - and it seemed to have paid off. A strong overall performance on the day saw Janis squeaking in under the 2:30 standard. Nicely done.

Lawrence: Although still relatively new to Tri's, Lawrence did not disappoint! Putting in a solid effort to finish a very respectable sub-3:00! Awesome job Lawrence!

Maddie: First female, wins her age group and comes in 11th overall! What more can be said about a stellar performance like that? Did I mention she biked just over 36 min? Wheeeeeelllssssss!

Zoe: Second overall in her age group, Zoe was seen pushing the pace right to the finish line. Zoe had a strong run en route to a top 50 finish! Coooool as a cucumber!

Megan: Hard work pays off - this was the case with Megan who absolutely crushed the SWIM and the RUN! All smiles right to the line - making the UBCTri Club proud!

Matt: Club member and quasi-exec Matt looked good out on the course - turning in a strong swim and bike to finish 3rd overall!

Eric: Eric gained mad style points for use of a stylish trucker hat during the run - which we now believe contributed to his sub 21 minute run off the bike. Craaaaaaazy! Well done Eric.

Katrina: Who wins their age group and puts in a nearly sub-15 minute swim?!? Katrina does! I had a chance to see her out on the course - she looked rock solid right to the finish.

So that's it! We crushed it. Great job to everyone who raced!

But now, on to other business!
1. Elections - this Thursday ! Come out and vote for your future TriClub Exec!
2. RACE SEREIS - it's not over! Oh no, not by a long shot. This Sunday - IONA BEACH T.T.

Above: Captain America comes to all the race series events - so should YOU!
(Captain America has not officially endorsed this message)

Friday, February 27, 2015

Run Day - Fun Day

Hi everyone,

If you were out for our 5 K.M. run last night, then you know just how epic it was. If you weren't able to make, then read on to find out more!

Early on, there was a buzz in the air when the TriClubbers gathered at the club office for the mandatory re-race pump up and obligatory trash talking. Winston (Aka the Silent Assassin) and Eric showed up wearing matching Garmin watches, and as an added bonus Winston chose a sporty headband that would prove later to give him running powers similar to Sonic the Hedgehog...but more on that later.

Once the race had begun, the first to take off were Mike, Eric, Jamie and Winston. They soon set off, setting a blistering pace that tore up the road just like in that Ghostrider movie...errm..or something like that.
Image result for ghostrider

Juno, Matt, Seth, Nima, Janis and Keith made up the second pack of men on the road, with Nima sporting an aerodynamic haircut which he assured us would save him 15 seconds/km. As the race began to unfold, Juno ran harder and harder, with only Matt able to keep up. And keep up he did, hanging so close to Juno that some observers would later suggest he had employed an incredibly large elastic band to hold them together. In the end, Mike would prove to be too strong, taking the hard fought overall win. Rounding out the top three were Eric and Jamie. Jamie's disappointment at not having done a best time was evident, and on that day he swore his revenge on running, hinting that a juice cleanse was in his near future. Keith appeared to look slightly lost during most of the run - perhaps he was wondering where the snowshoes were..likely a product of his time spent up North snowshoe running with Siberian huskies.

The Women's race was no less competitive or intense. Maddie and Zoe ran virtually neck and neck the entire race - but in the end Maddie would go on to edge out Zoe by a mere 3 seconds!!!

Christie, Katelyn and Katrina were the next to come in, each totally exhausted by their awesome efforts. Megan and Jenny rounded out the leaderboard, with Jenny clocking in at a very respectable sub 26 minuate and PB to boot! Unfortunately though, it was club-legend-in-the-making Jen M who would go on to take the women's win with the wicked fast sub 18 minute run she had done earlier. Way to go girls!


Overall, the 5 K.M. was a huge success! Prizes were had, and many PB's were achieved! Thanks to everyone for an awesome turnout!

But its not over yet.........


This Sunday - at 10 A.M.

THE BRICK is ON! And it's gonna prove to be another nail biter..

Come out and all your questions will be answered:
-Will Jamie have succeeded in his juice cleanse?
-Will Eric and Winston be coordinating outfits again?
-Will all the Men (and Women) be sporting Nima-esque haircuts to improve their aerodynamic capabilities?

Come this Sunday and find out!

Sunday, February 22, 2015


Race Series Is BACK!

Hi everyone,

First of all, welcome back to UBC after what I hope was awesome Reading Break. I hope everyone is fit, primed and super ready for another week of TriClub workouts, and of course the continuation of our Spring Fling Race Series!



(Pauses for effect)



And we're back...

This week we have 2 (that's right) two events planned. Thursday - the 5 K.M. Run and Sunday - the Brick! Could there be a better way to celebrate the return to classes than with some fun and friendly competition?

If you've read this far your probably wondering 2 things.
1. Why do I care about the race series?
2. Are there going to be a lot of sweet Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings  memes used in the following blogs?

Of course the answer both of those is YES! But more specifically, come out to the race series to have some fun, challenge yourself, and meet a ton of great people who love to do what you do. And, if your into that sort of thing you can participate in a MORTAL CHALLENGE OF EPIC TOUGHNESS for the OVERALL MEN'S/WOMEN'S SERIES POINTS LEADER (Did I mention each years winner is immortalized, and receives a super awesome trophy?)

Image result for running meme

There are so many epic back stories from our club members - too many to recount....too many questions to be answered....i.e.

1. Will Jamie/Eric break 18 minutes for the 5 K.M. on Thursday?
2. Will Sean get lost again?
3. Will Winston aka the "Silent Assassin" make an appearance?
4. Who will rise to challenge Jen M for the womens title? Jen B is looking strong this year, but Mads and Christie are hungry for blood (Well not actually, more of just a metaphor).
5. What kind of run will Juno produce?
6. What is Keith capable of after so much time spent up north? Has he maintained his fitness by wrestling polar bears?


So this Thursday, come out for a Run with us! All club members welcome!

-Your Exec...

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Uphill Bike Recap

And so it begins...

This race series is more on than DONKEY KONG..

Despite a smaller than usual turnout this morning, several intrepid TriClubers made it out for the first event of the season - the uphill bike at Spanish Banks Hill.

The weather was a bit cool, but not even the light rain that was falling could quell Keith's enthusiasm and fiery passion for the event. Meanwhile, while waiting for the event to begin, Jenn B played it cool as a cucumber, riding at the back as to scope out the competition. Nowhere to be seen: the dominating players in last years Mens Race Series: Nima and Jamie.. Jamie was kind enough to send a text telling me he had a pedicure and couldn't make it.

Nowhere to be seen: TriClub legend Winston...who was likely crushing some mountain top climb on his bike. Nowhere to be seen...well you get the picture..now pick it up people this is the RACE SERIES after all.

Back to the race...

First to start was the ever brave Jen M - she took off up the hill fast..I mean really fast. Jen B was next, followed by Keith, Sebastian and finally Seth and Matt. Sebastian, the self professed hard man was seen gamely trying to ride up the hill with only one foot clipped into the pedal. Keith, known to many as the "Silent Assassin" was doing just that..riding his way so silently up the hill you could have sworn he had ran his bike up the hill wearing a pair of those cloth ninja slippers..

To no ones surprise, Seth arrived sporting his new bike, which he assured us was "full carbon" and completely "tricked out". Seth put his new ride to good use today, putting in an awesome effort on the 2 K.M. climb.

In the end though, it was Jen M on the Women's side and Matt for the Men taking the early season win. What will this mean for the overall Race Series? Is it too early to place bets? Come join us this coming Wednesday for our next event - the 500 M SWIM at the UBC AQUATIC CENTER. All members welcome!

-Your Exec...



Sunday, January 18, 2015

Welcome to the 2015 Season!

Hi everyone,


As you probably have realized, TriClub workouts are in full swing, and we, the exec have a TON of great items planned for this semester. Race Series, Storm the Wall, Sun Run - the list goes on and on...oh my!

This semester promises to be another great season of epic battles, and even more epic workouts. If you are new to the club this semester, welcome! It's great to have so many new faces turning up to the run workouts. If I wasn't always out of breath during the run workouts I would have more of an opportunity to meet and chat with each of you.

If you had a chance to read our glorious President's latest email blast, you will know that in ~3 weeks we are kicking off our SPRING FLING RACE SERIES (SFRS) with the Uphill Bike ride at Spanish Banks beach.

So dust off your bike and helmet, because its SHOWTIME!

Last year we had a great turn out to our Fall Race Series, with a ton of new members coming out to put their fitness to the test. I predict another year of tough competition, with deep Men's and Women's fields. However, if competition isn't your thing - that's O.K. too! Come out to have some fun and test yourself! Come out to cheer your fellow members on too!

Stay tuned to this page all semester for a ton of SUPER AWEEEEEEESOME BLOG POSTS, as well as all the latest event and Race Series Updates.

-Your Exec
(Turning you from: