Thursday, May 2, 2013

Club End of Year Banquet!!

Congratulations everyone on another rad semester!!!!

The Annual Athletics Banquet had over 38 in attendance, and you would not believe how good all these triathletes cleaned up.

The food was ridiculously yummy with a highlight of Tiffany's homemade cookies. and a bunch of other tasty goods - take a read for some recipes on the nutrition blog! (link can be found on the tab next to this page).

Chris, Eddie, Nathaniel and Jen presented some awesome CLUB AWARDS (list will be added soon)

As you can see above, Winston loved his award so much he decided he would mount it next to his saddle on his back wheel.

Fun Fact: Vince wore a kilt!

 Nathaniel gave a touching heartfelt speech that brought the room to tears and laughter.
 We gathered in the hallway for a group selfie!!!!
Look at them dressy triathletes - looks like they 'transition'ed into a good-looking bunch.

As always Seth needed to do the thumbs up (*if you can find a photo of Seth since he joined the club without a thumbs up you win a free thumbs up from Seth)
 (Props to Marcus for the photo)

The banquet was followed by a trip to the Academic (pub). Obviously it was scholarly and well-mannered...And included... a DANCE PARTY.
  Cheers. Next year there will be better photo documentation of epic moments at events such as this :).

All in all, it was a very successful and fun night. If you missed it... Well, there's always next year!
“All's well that ends better.” - Lord of the Rings

Thanks for coming out folks.

Ps. In recent news, in case you didn't hear, UBCTC got 1st place in the team division for the sun run You can find the results here: (to see just how much butt we kicked)

So what to do now that official club workouts have ended?
Well... don't just sulk and sit on the couch... well maybe take a break and do that for a few days.. But THEN RISE UP AND... 
....Post a nice, friendly, inviting message on the club facebook wall page to do a workout with someone else and get'r done. 
And if you're just sick of us, you can always start swimming with the Pacific Spirit Tri Club (now) or VOWSA (starts in June). It looks like people are still running Mon, Wed, Fri too but you'll have to post on the facebook wall to make sure things are happening, and you can always tune in to the rides and accomodations excel sheet on the club FB page [will not be re-posted here to avoid strangers having access to confidential information]

And if you have any suggestions for UBC Athletics and its forthcoming Competitive Athletics Model - including possibly clubs such as our own (that is, if you try to discuss this in the online submission feedback form) --> Give some feedback:

Thanks for making it another great semester and we'll see you next year folks (expect race updates throughout the summer)!
-Mr. Anonymous