Saturday, December 5, 2015

Blog writer takes a break, oh yeah some guys ran a mile too

Well, here we are, a rather two weeks late post and you can certainly put the entire blame on this, ehem, guest blog writer. But without giving away the jewels of the true winner of the series, let’s recap the mile and flash back in time! And timely of course, throw the guest blogger under the bus while we're at it, since there seem to be a lot of anticipation for this recap.


This year marked the 2nd anniversary on the modernized mile at the Acadian blocks running establishment. Rumours are apparently the conventional 400m track have been scientifically proven to be too repetitive and boring for triathletes. As a result of diligent action by the execs, Sixteen hundred metres (and maybe 9ish more) of extreme cardio had to be moved to wider, straighter, harder pavement surface (AKA triathlon-friendly) to give a greater challenge for the athletes and draw more blog readers to this recap.

To add to the excitement, a bonus incentive for more highly coveted race series points was up for the taking, but only if you had the guts and fine fashion sense to wear anything denim. In retrospect, it seems last year everyone but the eventual event winners wore denim. Denim stocks took a plunge this year as top winners weren’t classing the denim wear…anymore. Even Katy Perry's daisy dukes Californian girls are no match to inspire the fashion sense into this world class field. Only your designated blogger and official fabulous timer, Eric, wore denim as he wasn’t even competing but was obligated to keep his sponsors happy and make a celebrity appearance.

The Acadia mile consists of a gruelling 1200m loop and straight into a 400ish m loop. Or best described as 5 right turns. But of course if you don’t do the pre-race warmup, you might confuse the course and take an early right turn. Race marshals had to kindly direct, yours truly, back onto the proper course as there was no ice cream aid stations as originally promised.   

Ben wins the polka dot jersey, and obtains some valuable TV time for his big sponsors. Potential denim donors, be on the lookout. He blistered up the first hill of the mile before the first right turn at 3:20 per km pace. Realizing his job was done, and there were no more swimming legs in the race series, Ben being the swimmer decided to jump into the ocean to do a late night swim before eventually coasting into the finish for the mile to preserve his king of the mountain status.

Florian uses his efficient German-engineering skills to keep the yellow jersey for another day. As overall leader coming into this second last event of the series, he will need to give a last ditch effort to clinch victory. He signed up for the half marathon race by accident, and may not finish the race series.

Reza finished among the leaders and offered some insightful commentary of the course at the half way point. He said something along the lines, “this is insane, not sure I signed up for this”. Martin calmly fills him in that the second half is actually the harder part. Not sure what to do, Reza pushed himself to great lengths and podiumed.

Not that it matters, the ladies competition was decided before the race started. Previous ladies champion Jen, decided to DQ herself for very sportswomanlike conduct. Free hugs and excessive high fives will not be tolerated at this world class big competition in the Acadian blocks. Sarah took the official win and secured the 1000 points.
Painfully-noticeably absent in this race is silent assassin Keith. Will he be back to strike again at the uphill TT or head straight to some BC town called Fernie for a 8 months boot camp? 




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