Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Uphill Bike - An END to the Fall Race Series!

Well, its official, the FALL RACE SERIES is OVER!

Yesterday it all came to a dramatic end, with the TriClub tackling the Spanish Banks hill in the most miserable and frosty of conditions. To us, it probably looked something like this...

Many a club member were present, each dressed to tackle the cold weather riding ahead - Seth opted for a full winter coat - in case he wanted to ski post-ride. Jamie decided that half-length bike shorts would be good enough - likely counting on the bulk from his massive legs to keep him warm. Katelyn bravely chose the "no gloves" approach to the race - a strategy that may have earned her 15 extra "spirit" points towards her race series standing..(I haven't actually mentioned this to Jen yet, but I will try and swing it for ya...)

Now on to the race...

First to leave was Jen M, while Matt bravely waited at the bottom of the hill to start the remainder of the crew in 20 second intervals. Despite the cold conditions, the TriClubbers were not deterred..Sean, Eric and Alec all put in strong performances, all finishing within 10 seconds of each other. Back from a short absence was Jen B, who gave it all she had, but wasn't able to close the gap to the overall Women's leader on the day - Jen M. It was a similar situation on the Men's side, with Matt going all in to try and beat Jamie, but in the end it wasn't meant to be, and when the smoke cleared Jamie had beat him by 1 SECOND!

Enough said...

And so, it was over..UNTILL THE NEW YEAR..when we begin the SPRING RACE SERIES!

But don't be sad - there are still a TON of fun TriClub events left this semester. The OVERALL RACE series is still to be decided as many of you have make-up races to complete! Who will have their name inscribed on the trophy? You will have to come to the club banquet to find out!

In the mean time..stay tuned for our next fun event!!


Thursday, November 13, 2014

DENIM MILE! (Return of Chains of Death, Hobbits and Jean Skirts?)

Tonight was our second last Race Series Event! It's hard to believe that another semester of epic racing is almost at a close…

Heres how it all went down:

A great many denim clad triathlon warriors arrived at the track this evening, sporting the latest denim sporting attire. Seth chose a more un-orthodox approach to his denim, wearing a denim-esque toque that is sure to be featured on many a runway across Europe next summer. Eric's short shorts would have make even Tobias Funke blush a little. Mads came sporting a nifty jean jacket, while Katelyn opted for full on jean-capris. Matt took perhaps the most radical approach of all, sporting a women's designer jean skirt that he no doubt had kept from his high-school cheerleading days. Basically, there was enough denim at the track tonight to put a Levi's factory out of business….

Despite a busy track, we had a TON of fast performances this evening, with Mike and Jen taking the top Men's and Women's spot, respectively. Way to go you two! Christie put in a strong performance this evening, along with Kazuma and Megan R as well. Awesome work team! It is believed that Seth might have run faster, but he seemed to be more interested in talking about the new HOBBIT MOVIE with anyone who would listen…P.S. in case Seth didn't mention to you it comes out December 17..

So, just a short post this evening as this SATURDAY is our final event! EVER! Well, not really - as we will have a Spring 2015 race series! The Men's and Women's Race has yet to be decided!

On the Men's side it is a close race between Jamie and Matt, with Jamie hanging on to a slender 8 point lead. Jen M has been enjoying her time on top - but anything could happen on the bike - who will take her crown? It will all come down to who is the fastest on the HILL OF TRUTH (Aka the Spanish Banks HIll..but w/e). Shields shall be broken, spears shattered…oh wait no. Sorry that was The Hobbit, Seth is getting to me… 

Come out this Saturday to lay it all on the line! Meet at 10 AM at the club office, we will do a short warmup as a group, and then tackle the final event in what has been one of the most epic race series EVER!

-Your Exec (Chains of Death)…..

P.S. All members who have not completed any Race Series events have until the 23 of November to do so. After that YOUR POINTS WILL NOT COUNT towards the overall standings.. So make it happen captain!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

It's the SWIM recap!

Hi everyone,

Just last week we had another awesome Race Series Event..the 500 M swim. As mentioned in a previous post, the competitiveness of this years race series has reached an all time HIGH, and we (the exec) are LOVING everyone's participation and enthusiasm for all the events this term..

Before we get into the gritty details just a reminder: There are only 2 EVENTS LEFT! Who will be the ultimate Men's/Women's champion? Who will be most improved? Most consistent? Best moustache?

But now, on to the swim.

Christie, wanting to avoid the traffic, arrived to the pool first (almost 20 minutes early!) and proceeded to get focussed for the big event.


Slowly all the other members arrived, each looking ready to begin. Jamie arrived sporting a fashionable moustache, which he claimed would reduce his hydrodynamic drag by up to 50% per lap. Also in attendance was club LEGEND Winston - AKA the SILENT ASSASSIN. Eric and Nima were seen conspiring in a far corner of the pool, no doubt planning the best way to slow down Matt on the swim. Vanessa spent the majority of the workout bobbing up and down in the shallow end, complaining about the cold water, and Sean seemed to spend an awful lot of time hanging on to the edge of the pool, citing that it was part of his "special warm-up". Jamie was caught trying to strap 4 pull-buoys to his legs in an effort to provide some means of flotation to his massive quads. Jenn M also tried a similar strategy, but instead chose to strap weights to her ankles so she could try to run along the bottom of the pool instead of swimming. Missing for the proceedings was Jenn B. As already a fantastic swimmer, we suspect Jenn purposely stayed home to give everyone else a fighting chance in the points race. Rounding out the host of strong performances, Kazuma and Katrina both put in strong swims to finish under 10:00. Likewise, Vince was seen pushing himself right to the wall (both in the physical sense and the ermmm..mental sense?). 

Also not in attendance was Club President Seth, who claimed he "had class"... For those who are not aware, Seth also skipped the Aquathon with a similar excuse, citing on that occasion that he had to "take his pet goldfish to the vet"...Ahuh...Seth...ahuh.

Overall, everyone in attendance put in a strong swim performance, with Spencer taking the win on the Men's side and Katelyn  for the Women. Nicely done! With the completion of the swim, we seen another shake-up in the Race-Series, with Matt taking back 1st place from Jamie. Jen M still maintains her commanding lead on the Women's side. Will she make it 2 overall wins in a row? 

Reminder this Thursday - THE DENIM MILE - bring your best denim outfit and get ready to suffer through 4 laps round the track.

If you have never been out to a Race Series event, its NOT TOO LATE TO START! Any/all current club members are welcomed. It's a fun and easy way to connect with a great group of people who love doing the same things as YOU!

-Your Exec

Saturday, November 1, 2014

2 Blogs for 1 - 5 K.M. and Brick Recap - RACE SERIES SHAKE-UP

Forget the introductions, we are just gonna get right to the action with this blog..because out there today this just got serious..

But now, back to the 5 K.M. (Thursday) 

Things started out pretty good. An exceptional turn out, with Jenn M. leading the way to Acadia Rd. for the start of the 5 K.M. And then the rain came, and I mean hard..and it was windy...and dark. Fortunately this deterred nobody! Eric (who up until now had been quietly biding his time) unleashed a furious run, gliding around the course like a Gazelle with robotic implants for legs. Eric set such a blistering pace that only the most elite Tri-Club runners could hang tough with him. But in the end Eric put his closest rivals (Jenn and Jamie) to the sword as he soloed to victory. On the Women's side Jenn M. won with a gutsy run, clocking in just over 18:00. 

After taking the Men's points lead, defending Race Series champ suffered a heavy blow, as he stopped the clock the slowest out of the Men, with Jamie now resuming the top spot. Jenn M's win in the 5 K.M. was also enough to put her back in the number one position. 

Above - Artist's depiction of Matt during his run..

Other strong runs came from Jen B, Nima, Seth, Megan, Alex and Vincent. Sean C was unfortunately unable to join, so he thought he would do the race alone.....getting lost in the process. We think his run went something like this...

The BRICK!! (Saturday)
Although a little cold, you could not have asked for a better day for a morning of suffering. Unfortunately the team was a little slow off the mark today..with Seth taking the obligatory first tire flat of the morning. Next to flat was Men's Race Series leader Jamie (It has been suggested that his flat was resultant from a bag of thumbtacks Sean "accidentally" left on the roadside).. But of course we can only speculate.. 

With the race underway it was Nima who put in a blistering bike pace. On the Women's side Mads made all the ladies suffer with her speed as well. However, it was Jenn M who would take her second win in a row, with Nima taking his first Race Series win of the season. Yeee buddy. 

Other notable mentions include - Sean not getting lost. Christie putting in a solid run performance, and Vanessa having the fastest transition time of the day. Also of note - Matt hiding Jamie's shoes for the second time in a futile attempt of sabotage. And of course Seth shouts of "CHAINS OF DEATH" throughout the entire workout (Which it was later determined that he meant to say "Chase them down", but in his excitement things just got jumbled..) And thus a potential new club slogan was born..

Above - artists depiction of Jamie's legs post-brick.. 

Up next the 500 M SWIM - remember guys, in the pool ANYTHING can happen! Heroes will rise, waves will be made, points will be earned...

Will Jamie hold onto the Men's lead? Will Guillem rise from the shadows to take his crown? What about Jen B? Jen has been uber-consistent this season, so we can't rule her out.. Vanessa seems to be full of surprises this year, and at the very least seems poised to take the "Transitioner Of The Year Award"

Untill the next event,
(Chains of Death!)