Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Iona Time Trial

Important update to the Fall Race Series Schedule!

Due to scheduling conflicts at the UBC Aquatics Centre, the Aquathon has been moved to Saturday, October 31. Yes, it is Halloween. And yes, you will get bonus points for racing in costume.

The updated full schedule is now:

Oct 18: Iona 10.2K bike time trial
Oct 28: 50m swim sprint
Oct 31: Aquathon (swim and run)
Nov 2: 500m swim time trial
Nov 5: 5k run time trial
Nov 8: Brick (bike and run)
Nov 19: Mile time trial
Nov 21: Uphill bike time trial


On the eve of the conclusion of one marathon (electoral), an intrepid group of triathletes braved mist and traffic to embark on another (athletic). I'm speaking, of course, of the month-long UBC Triathlon Club Race Series.

This past Saturday saw the first event of the series, the 10.2km Iona Beach Bike Time Trial. We don't need no snobby cyclist derision at our flat course, the quad burn speaks for itself. Vincent "Aero Gear" Ye showed up fully prepared to demonstrate his understanding of fluid dynamics, while fearless leaders Jen "Jackrabbit" Moroz and Keith "Piston Legs" Bystrom cruised alongside German-engineered luxury V6 engines on Southwest Marine Drive. Leading the pack on the out-and-back course was Celina "Shiny Brakes" Lim, who was showing off a newly tamed steed.

Observance of speed limit is optional.

But the stars of the event were Emily "Class Act" Rankin, who won a special Race Series Prize for sportswomanship, and Florian "Kraftwerk" Heinkel, who powered through the course in the quickest time that day. Honourable mention goes to Nima, who I'm pretty sure is descended from a steam locomotive, for the fastest individual time of this event so far.

View the results of the Race Series here.

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