Sunday, March 29, 2015

One blog, to rule them all..

Hi everyone,

Prepare yourself for one of the most comprehensive, all encompassing blog posts of all times. This blog is 50% science, 25% sweat, 10% fun, and ~35% of that leftover water that you find in your water bottles a week after practice.

So there goes:

1) Storm the Wall

By now you have heard, maybe you were there? Maybe you took part in the epicness that was last week? In case you missed it..head over to the Facebook page and peruse.. Basically, this is what happened..




For another year, UBCTRI came out on top, winning just about everything, and breaking so many hearts in the process. There are simply too many epic backstories to recount in one blog, and therefore for the sake of brevity, I must apologize if I do any of our teams an injustice. Many photos were taken, and I am sure there will be epic odes and poems composed of our victories. But for now I will leave you with this:


2) Delicious Mile

Despite a smaller than average turnout to this semi-annual/semi-serious event the delicious mile was an epic night of epic fun. Taking a hard fought win, and at his first mile nonetheless, was Jamie "Ima Running Cyborg". Jamie overcame a hard charging Matt in the last 150 M to take the win, however  Matt was unfortunately later disqualified for having spilled over 1/2 of his last beverage. Keith and Spencer both finished strong, clocking a blazing last lap. Trash-talking, rain and episodes of near-vomiting were all there in equal measure.

3) Race Series Wrap Up

Did you think Race Series was over? Huh? The answer is NOOOOOOO! Come on guys! We have 1 event left..this Thursday - the Uphill Run! It promises to be a good one, so come out and lets try and keep the attendance high. REMINDER - you have untill April 1 to make up events. We have a lot of empty spaces on our spreadsheet so get that done!

4)Year End Banquet

Bring some food to share - dress up a little (Spandex is O.K., but strongly discouraged) and come hang out with some of the coolest athletes on campus. Rumor has it that Winston "The Silent Assasain" and Seth "Our Fearless Leader" will be performing a Karaoke rendition of Bryan Adams "Summer of 69" and other great hits. BE THERE!!

5) Ironman Asia Pacific Championships!

TriClubs very own Brendan Naef had a HUGE! showing in Australia last weekend - competing against some of the worlds best triathletes, and finishing sub-9 hours in a time of 8:49:34, and taking 17th overall at the same time. Many of our members had the opportunity to watch the race online - and it was AWESOME! Well done Brendan!

If you have made it this far - well done! That's it for now..don't forget to take in all the great stuff coming over the next 2 weeks.


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Iona Beach T.T. Recap - Introducing our future blogger to the fold...

How much road grit must a cyclist swallow before they call her a Vancouverite? The answer, my friends, was blowing in the cold grey winds on Sunday morning as the UBC Triathlon Club set out for Iona Beach to test their mettle.

The men’s leading contender, Matt “Eats-Cassettes-for-Breakfast” Baumeister, was noticeably absent from the morning scrum outside The Boulevard Cafe. Rumours abounded, but credible insider sources mentioned a scheduling conflict with a cooking class involving crockpots… This author will refrain from commenting on the importance of setting priorities.

Seth “Fearless Leader” Bluman led the pack down Southwest Marine in shiny new fluorescent garb and a cephalopod-like helmet. Tri Club veteran Winston “Stylepoints” Guo materialized somewhere along 16th Avenue. We think he may be the “spirit” of the Pacific Spirit Park.

Newcomer Sebastian “The Aviator” Munro was ecstatic to learn that we were going to the airport. So excited that he took flight early, but unfortunately he encountered turbulence at 30,000ft and crash-landed on the luxurious lawns of Southwest Marine. Emphasis on luxurious, though, as the ground was so soft that he walked away with only a scratch.

Once on the course, Keith “Slavedriver” Bystrom had no time for excuses and pushed us to do a warmup lap. Unfortunately, I think he was sleeping during his heat transfer lectures because, given the wind velocity, ambient temperature, and typical body surface areas of a triathlete, it was physically impossible to stay warm.

Jen “Jackrabbit” Moroz volunteered lead the pack and time the finish. Vanessa “Highest-Power-to-Weight-Ratio” Tilson followed. This author suspects she’s got turbochargers somewhere in her thighs. Definitely not a naturally aspirated engine. Katrina “Wears-all-the-Pants” Dutkiewicz came straight from a night of saving babies’ lives. No sleep, no problem.

Sweet day all in all! If you’re sad you missed it, worry not, for we have more Spring Race Series events ahead! Next up is the [Denim] Mile!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

UBC TRI/DU Race Recap!

Hi everyone,

First of all my apologies for this post coming out a little late, but here goes!

So here is the bottom line - UBC TRI crushed it this past weekend. We had a number of participants tackling both the Sprint and Olympic distances, from some first time participants to some of our more seasoned competitors.

This is how it went! P.S. If we missed your race results in the blog - we're sorry! Send us a message and we will correct that!

Florian: For his first Tri - Florian came out with FULL FORCE! A top 75 overall placement is a huge accomplishment! And did I mention he swam just a shade over 30 minutes? Right on Florian - keep it up!

Brendan: Club strongman Brendan had a battle on his hands for the overall Olympic distance supremacy - and finished a very strong 2nd overall and a hair over 2 hours.

Winston (The Silent Assassin): Despite getting bumped around a bit on the swim, Winston managed a strong swim (Sub-30!) and finished a very handy 15th overall - not to mention a sub 45 minute run!

Nima (The Dark Horse): Nima confessed to being a little "distracted" on the course last weekend, but still managed a blazing fast bike - finishing just spot ahead of Winston, making 2 it TriClubbers in a row!

Jen B (The Bhatlinator): With a 26 minute swim and a sub 45 minute run, there was no stopping the Bhatlinator on her way to winning her Age Group and finishing 25th overall! Way to go Jen!

Janis: In the weeks leading up to the race, Janis was seen putting in some big miles - and it seemed to have paid off. A strong overall performance on the day saw Janis squeaking in under the 2:30 standard. Nicely done.

Lawrence: Although still relatively new to Tri's, Lawrence did not disappoint! Putting in a solid effort to finish a very respectable sub-3:00! Awesome job Lawrence!

Maddie: First female, wins her age group and comes in 11th overall! What more can be said about a stellar performance like that? Did I mention she biked just over 36 min? Wheeeeeelllssssss!

Zoe: Second overall in her age group, Zoe was seen pushing the pace right to the finish line. Zoe had a strong run en route to a top 50 finish! Coooool as a cucumber!

Megan: Hard work pays off - this was the case with Megan who absolutely crushed the SWIM and the RUN! All smiles right to the line - making the UBCTri Club proud!

Matt: Club member and quasi-exec Matt looked good out on the course - turning in a strong swim and bike to finish 3rd overall!

Eric: Eric gained mad style points for use of a stylish trucker hat during the run - which we now believe contributed to his sub 21 minute run off the bike. Craaaaaaazy! Well done Eric.

Katrina: Who wins their age group and puts in a nearly sub-15 minute swim?!? Katrina does! I had a chance to see her out on the course - she looked rock solid right to the finish.

So that's it! We crushed it. Great job to everyone who raced!

But now, on to other business!
1. Elections - this Thursday ! Come out and vote for your future TriClub Exec!
2. RACE SEREIS - it's not over! Oh no, not by a long shot. This Sunday - IONA BEACH T.T.

Above: Captain America comes to all the race series events - so should YOU!
(Captain America has not officially endorsed this message)