Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The 2015 Fall Race Series Begins!

Is there a distinct lack of trash talk in your life? Are you itching to collect POINTS for athletic prowess? How about for just showing up?

Look no further, the UBC Triathlon Club RACE SERIES is here! This intense series of eight races will test your wits and your brawn. Points are awarded after each event for participation and ranking. The schedule and distances are posted below. Mark your calendars!

Oct 18: Iona 10.2K bike time trial
Oct 24: Aquathon (swim and run)
Oct 28: 50m swim sprint
Nov 2: 500m swim time trial
Nov 5: 5k run time trial
Nov 8: Brick (bike and run)
Nov 19: Mile time trial
Nov 21: Uphill bike time trial

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