Sunday, September 21, 2014

Welcome Back! Weekly Training, Club News and Race Series HYPE!

Hi everyone,

Matt here. Some of you may know me as one of the more elusive members of the UBC Tri Club Executive. This year I have the honor of taking over the blog, and I must say I am feeling the pressure! Last year we were lucky enough to have some great bloggers, including our now CLUB PRESIDENT Seth Blumen..or is it Bluman? (I never remember)...

However, I digress..

First of all, if you are new to the club, or returning for another awesome year - WELCOME! Get ready for another awesome year of training, socializing and of course, eating! We have a ton of great activities/challenges in store for you this year! We are currently into the swing of our fall training phase with weekly swimming/biking/running practices. Swimming practices this year continue to be lead by the awesome Tia, while running practices have been spearheaded by our very own Jen! If you have any questions about how to join us, feel free to contact one of our execs, post on our FB page, or just reply to this post and we will be more than happy to help you out!

Now on to other things...

The start of our FALL RACE SERIES is less than 2 weeks away. If your new to the club you might be asking yourself - "What is the fall race series?" Fair question... The Tri Club race series is possibly the most fun and epic series of mini challenges/events EVER CONCEIVED! It features several small events (I.e. 1 mile run) in which Tri Club members compete against themselves and others for points. At the end of the series, the person with the most points has their statue erected, in solid gold no less, outside the SUB. Well, ok not quite, but winners are immortalized with their names on a really sweet trophy! Plus..bragging rights for eternity. Its all for fun, and it always ends up being a great time!

More to come on the race series, in the meantime however, see you all at practice!