Friday, April 5, 2013

Storm the Wall 2013!!!!!!

Well, what a beautiful week for Storm the Wall. Clear skies and temperature highs made for an awesome few days of UBCSTWC dominance. The club swept the podiums in every category entered; if anyone saw the 'it’s ours' ads out last year, well it looks like it is ours!

Big congratulations to Drew and Daniel for successfully SUPER ironmaning the wall! Chris, Nathaniel, and Brendan also participated and were just inches away from reaching the top.

Thursday was a particularly busy day for many tri club members.  There were a few individuals, such as Sebastian and Chris, who not only had some large number of races in a combination of ironman, super iron man, men’s team, coed teams, semis and finals, but were also wall men for the iron women final!  I don’t know what the record number people that anyone has lifted over the wall, but it must be held by one of these guys.  Others like Nathaniel and Brendan ran from one race to another I don’t know how many times, and still managed to win them all! 

In the co-ed race, ‘Brendan and the Bellybuttons’ had a tremendous lead and took 1st place. Behind them was another tri club team, ‘Live Fast and Tri Hart’, who took 2nd. (I think you can guess who the team captains of these teams were!)  The following coed teams to come in also consisted of many tri club members. 

In the men’s race, ‘The Real UBCTC’ had a huge lead coming to the wall and then speedily got all members over the wall. The second tri club team ‘Bro, do you even tri?’ came in 2nd  (officially 3rd but the other team should have been disqualified for not doing enough laps on the bike course)!

Nathaniel took 1st in ironman, with Brendan and John close behind with a respective 2nd and 3rd place finish- podium sweep! This made for a triple win for Nathaniel, el presidente. In the girls heat Jenn and Keely came 1st and 2nd respectively, with a significant lead on the others. Lise and Theresa fought over the 4th place position with a synchronized wall climb. Megan was missing from the final race but it was awesome to see that five of eight iron women finalists were UBCSTWC members!

Thanks to everyone who came out to cheer and take pictures. It was great to see so many people out racing and supporting each other. Kudos to Winston for even taking time off work to come watch! We must have been the largest team out cheering on campus last week- AWESOME JOB TEAM!