Thursday, June 20, 2013

Saunders Subaru Victoria Triathlon- June 16th 2013

Well, what can I say, another fun weekend filled with many accomplishments from a fleet of UBC tri clubbers! Twenty members made it over to the island to participate in the 2nd race of the Subaru series in beautiful Victoria, BC.

Semi-team photo post race


In the sprint we had Sean complete his first triathlon! I guess after living with legend Vincent Lavallee and superstars Jorg Winter and Victoria Gilbert it was time to take the plunge. Rumor has it he’s going to skip the Olympic distance and tackle the half in Vancouver.  

Sean Conner: 1:15:39; 10th in age group


In the Olympic we had Kevin, Dylan, Derrick, Lindsey and Stephanie as well as a relay team consisting of Karin, Eddy and Drew.  This was Lindsey’s first Olympic distance and she rocked it out in a time of 2:48:52 placing 4th in her age group! She must have been hunting Derrick down who finished just ahead in 2:48:31. Big shot Kevin Chiarot was seen rolling around his Cervélo in suit and tie intimidating his competitors the day before the race. It seemed to work as he pulled off a 2:32:17 race, 6 minutes faster than last year and a 3rd place finish in his age group! Dylan and Stephanie also raced well and represented the club on the podium both in 3rd place as well!

Kevin Chiarot: 2:32:17; 3rd in age group
Dylan Stephanian: 2:34:08; 3rd in age group
Derrick Lee: 2:48:31; 17th in age group
Lindsey Von Bloedau: 2:48:52; 4th in age group
Stephanie Flynn: 2:53:55; 3rd in age group

In his own words, "they see me rollin'...they hatin'"

The UBCTC SLRT also had an amazing race and topped the podium in a time of 2:27:04. What is the UBCTC SLRT might you ask? Well, it’s the UBC Tri Club Super Lightening Relay Team- a name made up by Eddy after he admitted to coming up with ‘SLRT’ from picking a bunch of letter combinations common in fast products... Well either could work because they were super lightening fast with Karin pulling off a 3rd place swim and 1st place T1, Eddy with a 3rd place bike time and 2nd place T2 and Drew bringing it home with a 1st place run. Congrats team!

SLRT rocking the podium. 1st place!


I think this was the first time the club has had most of it’s participants in the half ironman distance, with 10 UBCTC athletes in the mix.  Both Brendan and Victoria placed 7th OVERALL, doing the club proud as always! Brendan was 3 minutes faster than last year and Victoria a whopping 11 minutes faster!  Brendan continued his race by making a run for the ferry back to Van and then hopping onto a flight to Europe. We hope he left his compression tights on for the duration of the flight…

UBCTC spectators couldn’t believe their eyes when Winston and Victoria entered T2 at the same time and proceeded to run the first lap of the run course together. But who would make it ahead this year? Winston had 4 seconds on Victoria in 2012 but Victoria’s early morning long runs this year enabled her to pull ahead and finish just under 2 minutes ahead, maintaining perfect form as observed by Winston. These two will go up against each other again in Vancouver. The legend lives on. 

Victoria vs Winston

We also had Nick, Jorg and James in a neck-to-neck race; the three finished within a minute of each other! Nick and James placed 2nd and 3rd in their age group and Jorg who was registered as a relay team with Vince still managed to take 2nd place in the relay division despite doing the entire race himself! 

Lise and Theresa both completed their first half distance! It is rumored that Lise peer pressured Theresa into doing the race, and while both didn’t feel ready to take on the new distance both achieved their goals of completing the race and doing it under 5:30!

Naiely giving the first timers some positive vibes.

Naiely and Mike both veterans in the field pulled off amazing times as well with claimed little to no training! Mike even had enough energy at the end of the race to pull of a celebratory summersault.

Brendan Naef: 4:17:37; 7th place overall
Nick Sunderland: 4:39:19; 2nd in age group
Jorg Winter: 4:39:40; 2nd place in relay
James Montgomery: 4:40:42; 3rd in age group
Victoria Gilbert: 4:52:02; 2nd in age group
Winston Guo: 4:53:54; 7th in age group
Theresa Price: 5:22:55; 1st in age group
Lise Munsie: 5:29:45; 4th in age group
Naiely Cabrera: 5:32:45; 5th in age group
Mike Duncan: 5:40:31; 12th in age group

Congrats everyone!! Keep up the training, Saskatoon is 10 days away and Vancouver is in less than a month!