Sunday, October 19, 2014

Aquathon Epic-ness!

Well, it's official - this Race Series is HEATING UP!

Back this year by popular demand was the crowd favorite Aquathon!

Here's some of the highlights...

The pressure was on from the moment the Tri-Club members walked on the deck. Jamie and Sean, who have now formed a secret alliance against Matt and Eric, were seen sporting matching speedos which they claimed would decrease their swim time by 30 seconds!

At this point, President Seth was nowhere to be seen... Seth showed up fashionably late only to announce he would not race today - only to be seen swimming after the event! (Suspicious?). Christie was looking pretty fierce on the pool deck, so much that she may have scared Mads into completing an extra 100 M during the swim...

Matt attempted to hide Jamie's shoes, but was foiled by an ever watchful Guillem (Boo), and Vanessa was seen floating at the bottom of the pool while she attempted to evade Tia's warmup.

The run was equally suspect, with several members (Ahem, Sean) taking alternate routes through campus. Katelyn put in a super strong performance on both the swim and the run, absolutely dominating the Women's field (And taking the right run route, mind you!)

But in the end everything worked out! Check the results below, and stay tuned for an updated scoring sheet....

Swim Time
Total Time
Matt B
Sean S
Katelyn D
Vanessa T
Eric Z
Katrina D
Juno S
Christie A
Cassia O
Charlotte K
Megan R
Jenny L

-Your Tri-Club Exec

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hill Run - Race Recap!

Another awesome turnout for the hill run this evening!

Tonight we had almost 20 people tackle the terrible ascent on the trails just outside campus. Read on to see how it all went down, and how the Women's Race Series underwent a major shakeup!

Ever the gentleman, Eric bravely decided to be the first one up the steep inclines. On the women's side it was Emma taking up the next position. Third to start was our beloved President, Big Seth. In 15 second intervals, the rest of crew sprinted for their lives up the hill, with our beloved blogger and (Quasi) Exec Matt taking up the rear.

If you have never done the Tri-Club uphill run, you might find an accurate description in the picture below:

As I mentioned, there was a bit of a shake up  in the points standings! On the Men's side, Jame retains his lead, but Matt is creeping up! On the Women's side, we see Jenn M in the hot seat, with Katelyn and Katrina taking a solid second and third, respectively.

Want all the results? Check the link below:

See you all SUNDAY! For the Aquathon!!!!!

-Your TriClub Exec

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Just a reminder that we have 2 AWESOME RACE SERIES EVENTS this week! If you weren't at Iona Beach and are wondering what the next events are...then read on!

This week:

Thursday - 5:30 P.M. at the club office - we will be jogging together as a group to the start of the ~1 K.M. uphill trail run. POST-RUN: Sushi Social organized by Janis!

Sunday - 9 A.M. at the pool - its AQUATHON time - back by popular demand, its a 500 M swim following by a ~3 K.M. run.

Current Points Leaders:
After one event we see Jamie (Men) and Mads (Women) taking the top spot on the leaderboards. Remember, it's a long race series, and anything can happen! Expect a points shakeup as some of our stronger swimmers/runners come to the fore.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Race Series Results & Upcoming Race Series Events

Last week we had an amazing turnout for our first Race Series Event – the Iona Beach Time Trial. Over 15 people came out and burned it up over the flat 10 K.M. course, despite the super wet conditions. The day started pretty ominously – with dark clouds brewing in the sky. Club President – Seth – was not deterred, and decided the best way to tackle the incoming rain was to eat a pastrami sandwich (Carb gains?) prior to heading off on the bike.

Once at the beach, the race began! Jen (who graciously volunteered to time the event) decided she would get a head start on everybody and complete her race early – secretly we now believe that she was attempting to take advantage of the early morning tail-wind!

The boys set off first, with Jamie and Sean taking the first few positions. Jamie’s legs (super charged from years of rowing) carried him across the 10 K.M. course with apparent ease as he set the day’s fastest time. Next to roll in for the men were Sean and Nima, separated by only 2 seconds! (Drafting suspicions?) Seth was quoted after the race as saying – “I wish I didn’t eat that sandwich”, but still put in a strong performance. Other strong rides that day came from Derek, Guillam and Vincent. The Women’s race was no less competitive with the likes of Mads, Jenn, Vanessa, Kaitlin, Becca and Katrina taking to the start line. But at the end of the race it was Mads who would emerge the victor on the women’s side, with Jenn and Vanessa taking second and third, respectively.

For the official times/points scoring, head to our FB page! Remember this week we have 2 races series events!

1.       Thursday October 16 – Uphill Run

2.       Sunday October 19 – Aquathon

-Your Tri Club Exec


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Race Series #1 - Iona Beach Time Trial

Iona Beach 10 K.M. TIME TRIAL!

Hi everyone,

Yes, the moment you have all been waiting for is here.


Never been part of the Tri-Club Race Series? Wondering what it is all about? Read on to get all the details in advance of this Saturday..

What - A 10 K.M. individual bike ride at Iona Beach (Near Vancouver Airport)

When - Meet at the Tri-Club office at 10 AM - sharp! We will be riding as a group out to Iona Beach.

Who - Everyone with a bike and a helmet is welcome to join!

How - Once at Iona Beach, participants will be seeded based on estimated/guessed time to complete the course. Participants will leave ~30 seconds apart, and will be timed on how long it takes for them to complete the 10 K.M. loop. Once you finish, your times are recorded, and you are awarded points based on where you finish in relation to the top time. Next - check the blog later that day to see the official write up and results = bragging rights for next time!

More questions? Find a club exec or post on our FB wall and we will be happy to answer them for you!

See you Saturday,

UBC Tri-Club Exec