What does a membership get me?

  • Weekly, coached, running and cycling sessions at your own pace.
  • Club events like Fall and Spring Race Series, Track events, Training and Nutrition Seminars, Welcome BBQ, Awards banquet, and most importantly, social nights.
  • Motivation and support from fellow triathletes!
  • $10.00 off Triathlon BC Membership.
  • Discounts at local and online retailers.
  • Discounted equipment.
  • Team apparel including UBCTC running shirts, cycling kits, and triathlon suits.

How Can I Join?

The UBC AMS has shifted to an online registration system using OrgSync. Follow these directions to sign up:
  1. Visit to register for an OrgSync account.
  2. Sign up for the UBC Triathlon Club OrgSync page at
  3. Join the Facebook group to receive up-to-date information.
  4. Pay your membership fees to any club exec member to have your join request accepted.
  5. Complete the online waiver form. You MUST complete this form or you will be removed from the membership roster.
To view and complete the waiver click the link show below on the Triathlon Club OrgSync page.

Membership Fees

Annual Fees

Students $50
Non-students $75

Swimming Fees (Optional, per semester). The cheapest coached swims in Vancouver!

2 Swims/Week $120
1 Swim/Week $80

* Note: You will not be able to participate in any UBC Tri Club activities unless you have a signed and completed waiver. If you are under the age of 19 your parent or legal guardian must sign the waiver prior to your participation in the UBC Tri Club.