Friday, February 27, 2015

Run Day - Fun Day

Hi everyone,

If you were out for our 5 K.M. run last night, then you know just how epic it was. If you weren't able to make, then read on to find out more!

Early on, there was a buzz in the air when the TriClubbers gathered at the club office for the mandatory re-race pump up and obligatory trash talking. Winston (Aka the Silent Assassin) and Eric showed up wearing matching Garmin watches, and as an added bonus Winston chose a sporty headband that would prove later to give him running powers similar to Sonic the Hedgehog...but more on that later.

Once the race had begun, the first to take off were Mike, Eric, Jamie and Winston. They soon set off, setting a blistering pace that tore up the road just like in that Ghostrider movie...errm..or something like that.
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Juno, Matt, Seth, Nima, Janis and Keith made up the second pack of men on the road, with Nima sporting an aerodynamic haircut which he assured us would save him 15 seconds/km. As the race began to unfold, Juno ran harder and harder, with only Matt able to keep up. And keep up he did, hanging so close to Juno that some observers would later suggest he had employed an incredibly large elastic band to hold them together. In the end, Mike would prove to be too strong, taking the hard fought overall win. Rounding out the top three were Eric and Jamie. Jamie's disappointment at not having done a best time was evident, and on that day he swore his revenge on running, hinting that a juice cleanse was in his near future. Keith appeared to look slightly lost during most of the run - perhaps he was wondering where the snowshoes were..likely a product of his time spent up North snowshoe running with Siberian huskies.

The Women's race was no less competitive or intense. Maddie and Zoe ran virtually neck and neck the entire race - but in the end Maddie would go on to edge out Zoe by a mere 3 seconds!!!

Christie, Katelyn and Katrina were the next to come in, each totally exhausted by their awesome efforts. Megan and Jenny rounded out the leaderboard, with Jenny clocking in at a very respectable sub 26 minuate and PB to boot! Unfortunately though, it was club-legend-in-the-making Jen M who would go on to take the women's win with the wicked fast sub 18 minute run she had done earlier. Way to go girls!


Overall, the 5 K.M. was a huge success! Prizes were had, and many PB's were achieved! Thanks to everyone for an awesome turnout!

But its not over yet.........


This Sunday - at 10 A.M.

THE BRICK is ON! And it's gonna prove to be another nail biter..

Come out and all your questions will be answered:
-Will Jamie have succeeded in his juice cleanse?
-Will Eric and Winston be coordinating outfits again?
-Will all the Men (and Women) be sporting Nima-esque haircuts to improve their aerodynamic capabilities?

Come this Sunday and find out!

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