Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Brick


It was almost snowing out it was so cold at the start line (at 3 degrees celsius!). 
Though their toes were freezing, Nima, Jen Moroz, Matt, Keith, and Lindsey were up for the challenge.  

For clarification, the brick involves a bike down marine drive, followed by a short run around UBC stadium directly afterwards
Seth agreed to time the race and cheer everyone on. Some might say he only really wanted to make sure that he would not have his self-esteem crushed. That is, losing to any of all the fierce racers who showed up, especially Matt. Matt came equipped with a souped out bike...It had kick-ass streamers coming off the handlebars for added style, a spare set of rear tires (some might call them training wheels; others would call them ULTRA-TRI STABILITY WHEELS) for added stability on the ride, a "triathlon-specific"-basket to carry his cliff bars and shoes for a quick transition during the run portion of the event, and a Triathlon-bike-bell playing only miley cyrus's pop sensation "wrecking ball", to announce his arrival to other competitors.

Above: Matt's complete settup looked similar to the photo above.

Keith decided that he would have to engineer something up good to take on Matt's settup. To point out, Matt was going into this race from first place in the race series. Therefore, someone had to take him on as a target to try and get closer to that Vince Lavalle cup! Jen Moroz decided to team up with Keith for the race. And although their skills in engineering and physics where no match for Matt's already undefeatable bike settup, they knew that they would be able to dominate the run and pace each other to the finish line. While the crowd around Marine drive watching all thought Keith and Jen would be the prime challengers for Matt, Nima came out like a champ and was speeding his way through the bike course. With injured knees, Nima had determined that the bike would have to be where he would come out on top. However, Matt kept a speedy pace for the bike, and was dominating the race even at the beginning of the run. But... just as Matt was making his way around the run course Keith and Jen Moroz were SPRINTING on his tail. Matt, knowing that his current strategy of running like an ordinary person wouldn't work out threw off his sweatshirt, and unveiled his complete batman outfit. 
Matt suddenly began running faster, as if speeding off to take on the Joker and protect Gotham city. Matt then won the race, but was followed shortly after by a speedy sprint between Keith and Jen who finished at the fastest pace I have ever seen anyone finish the brick with in my 3 years (6 bricks) with the club. Lindsey and Nima also finished hard, and defended their honour as members of the try club who can take on the worst conditions and still make the best of them. For instance, Nima wasn't even sure if he would be even able to run a few weeks ago (with knee issues), but he can sure be proud of his sub-23 minute result. Lindsey, was stopped by multiple red/yellow lights on the bike, a situation we've all encountered at one point or another. A thank you goes out to Lindsey for helping out with timing the race today.
Above: Some cool stop lights they use in California.

To all those who came out to race... NICE WORK!!! WAY TO GO!!! YAAAAAAAAA! WOOO!
To all those coming out to the next race... Yaaaa! COME OUT!

I hope everyone had an awesome time.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Brick Times:
Matt - 22:17
Nima - 22:52
Keith - 23:02
Jen M. - 22:33
Lindsey - 25:23

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