Monday, March 17, 2014

Uphill RUN!

One does not simply run up a hill. Unless it's the uphill run, in which case you've pretty much only got to run up a hill.

Showing up the hill was a 10-member - 5 guys, 5 girls - crew, ready to rock! ...Or you could say, READY TO RUN UP A HILL!

Above: THE HILL (which is more like a mountain to those who dare race it)

It seemed like everyone had someone to chase on the way up the mountain...
Seth set out to challenge Matt's ongoing winning streak. Keith and Nima had to continue their ongoing feud. Heather wanted to prove to Maddy that she had what it took to conquer the mountain! You get the picture....

At the bottom of the hill, there was a lot of cheering each other on, but also taunts and chirping (smack talking)

To get an idea of what it was set the tone that is, watch the video below:
Link below: a motion picture adaption of the scene at the bottom of the uphill run, titled "The Hobbit", but originally titled "The Uphill RUN".
To reiterate the video, watch it again using the following conversation between Keith and Nima to replace the words of Smaug and Thorin Oakenshield:

Keith: Here, you aerobar-less biker
Nima: Youuuu....
Keith: I am taking back home this win (which is totally mine)!
Nima: You will take nothing from me, triathlete. I biked further than you last Saturday. I can race a triathlon without a pasta dinner the night before! I am going to win this race.
Keith: This is not your race, this is my race! I will win. and...again, I will win this...

While the guys were busy planning their deceit on their opponents, Jen Moroz continued her dynamic stretching routine. Heather, Jen, and Maddy all played it kindly, but you could tell there was an underlying tension (but not really to be honest with you).

They all pounced up the mountain, with Dylan starting the race, and the rest of the guys on his tail!
Keith and Nima were foot to foot for a bunch of the race, and Jen was right on Seth's toes.
Everyone was as close to the next racer as Anakin and Qui-Gon Jin's lightsabers in the battle below:

The battle continued up the mountain, and Jen Moroz ended up conquering the mountain at high speeds. She tarnished Seth's run, finishing with an epic 4:45 time and tied the race series Men's leader Matt Baumeister!

Here are the times:

Matt 4:45:00
Seth 4:48:00

Nima 4:50:00
Keith 5:12:00
Dylan 4:52:00

Jen 4:51:00
Heather 6:00:00
Lindsey 5:47:00
Maddy 6:32:00
Jenn M 4:45:00

Thanks for coming out for another awesome event!

UBC Tri Exec

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