Thursday, March 20, 2014

UBC TRI DU - Big Numbers


There was an awesomely large representation of the UBC Triathlon Club at UBC TRI DU!!
Coming out to the race from the club were: Matt B., Keith, Lyndsay, Jen Moroz, Brendan, Chris Bhatla, Nima, Dylan, Winston, Heather,  Janis, Chris Young, Sebastian, Chris young, Janis, Maddie, Sherry, Katrina, and Meagan. 

A shout-out to UBC REC for improving their security for bikes at the UBC Tri Du.

Considering this was an all-indoor pool event this year, there was bound to be few collisions. Seth was reported to crash into every other racer in his heat. Most racers from the club managed to leave the race with gasping lungs, hungry bellies, and tired bodies. Janis had a huge PB (personal best) doing the Olympic distance race. Chris Young, Winston, and Brendan all crushed the olympic distance race. 
I'd like to thank Brendan for biking alongside Seth to cheer him on during the race.
I'd also like to give a shout out to anyone who either was doing their first Tri Du, first triathlon ever (e.g. Maddie), or attempting a new distance (e.g. Janis)! And also a shout-out to everyone who did do Tri Du, and has been challenging their skills/fitness with the spring race series!

Almost the end of term, so keep coming out to those race series events!

All the best,
UBC Tri Exec

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