Thursday, March 20, 2014

The 4-lapper, 4(/5!)-person mile

The 4-lapper, 4(/5!)-person mile

Gathering at the track on a windy cold Wednesday were Nima, Seth, Jen, and Keith! (Matt B. was there earlier to run the same race!)

Matt B ran the race earlier than the rest of (with a 5:45 time), but to add to the intensity, no one but Jen knew his time going into race, who kept it a secret... Jen offered to pace everyone to do their best (that is, beat Matt!). The laps started out fast but the 4-person group stuck together, and Jen continued to run on the track appearing as if this was just a brisk jog for her (or yog if you prefer a soft j) - appearing to just float over the ground compared to the rest of the gasping sweaty guys racing next to her.

On the last lap, Jen took off, but mainly just so she could get ahead to get to the timer first, to be able to give everyone else their race times, but she still gracefully shot around the track for her last lap. Shortly after Keith began picking up the pace, and Seth followed and up'ed the ante with an even more rowdy (speedy!) pace. A lightning bolt then shot down from the sky and Seth turned into he-man, and began a sprint for the finish line (and even if you're Keith, we all know no one can keep up with he-man).
^Look at that epic mullet and sword, and not to mention powerful legs that Keith would in no way win against

 Seth finished in first for the men's (@ 5:31) and was a half second after followed by Keith ( no joke - literally 0.5 second difference - look at the times to know I'm not lying), and then Nima. As Seth and Keith crossed the finish line they could sense Matt crying a little inside from far away - as this might distance him further from the Vince Lavallee Cup. There's no telling who will win this race series, but Jen has been crushing it for the women lately, and Matt and Nima are playing it close.

Times from the Mile:
Jen 5:25
Nima 5:42 Seth 5:31 Keith 5:31.5
Matt 5:45

Until next time folks,
Good luck to everyone in storm the wall!!!!!!!!!!!

UBC Tri Exec

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