Saturday, October 3, 2009

Uphill Bike TT Results

Dan Clouston rises to the challenge as victor in the opening event of the UBCTC Fall Race Series, the uphill bike TT. His wit and determination carried him to the top of the podium with an impressive time of 4:09. He along with two other new members of the UBCTC, Jeff Overington and Eric Suess, beat out the veterans to dominate the podium with times of 4:21 and 4:23 respectively.

Andrew Wight's game face
Left to Right: Matt, Andrew, Celeste

The finishing area
Left to Right: Melanie, Fabian, Alex, Carson

Matt Reeve placed fourth with a time of 4:36 to lead the returning UBCTC members. "My legs felt like bricks," said Matt upon reaching the finish line. Matt was the last to start the TT as he was carrying out his executive duties by timing people and as a result spent the longest time in the shade. Certainly the cold was a factor today.

Matt Reeve carrying a load of bricks
There was a two-way tie for first in the female category with Victoria Gilbert and Lauren Sagadore finishing with a very respectable time of 5:56.

Victoria Gilbert at the start launching pad

Lauren Sagadore finishing in strong form
First blood has been spilt, but there are still 12 more events. Who will take home the Vincent Lavallee Cup? It may be too soon to tell. Today has shown that the competition will be tough, the road will be long, and only one will stand on top.
Full Results Below:
Place Name Time Place in M or F
1 Dan Clouston 4:09 1/15
2 Jeff Overington 4:21 2/15
3 Eric Suess 4:23 3/15
4 Matt Reeve 4:36 4/15
5 Fabian Jankovic 4:51 5/15
6 Derek Lee 4:52 6/15
7 Steve Yau 5:03 7/15
8 Andrew Wight 5:04 8/15
9 Winstorm Guo 5:05 9/15
10 Scott Chris 5:06 10/15
11 Nathaniel Janzen 5:29 11/15
12 Victoria Gilbert 5:56 1/9
12 Jess Chao 5:56 12/15
12 Lauren Sagadore 5:56 1/9
12 Greta Raymant 5:56 1/9
16 Ceilidh Curtis 6:00 13/15
17 Carson Cheyne 6:01 14/15
18 Claire Haddock 6:13 4/9
19 Melanie van Soeren 6:40 5/9
20 Dwayne da Silva 6:41 15/15
21 Celeste Pakstas 6:46 6/9
22 Alex Lush 7:16 7/9
23 Nailey Cabrera 9:25 8/9
24 Emily Kwok 10:24 9/9

Photos from this event can be found here.


Kory said...

Winston mentioned something about a chance for making up events... would someone be able to show us the official route?


Hey, yeah we will be doing make up events for all that

A) Aren't team events
B) Are not 2 sport (aquathon/brick)

There will be details in the next e-mail, however, there is a good chance there will be the uphill bike TT this weekend since we are going to stanley park.