Sunday, October 4, 2009

Aquathon Results Event 2

Flipper Nathaniel Janzen takes the Aquathon Event with a decisive victory over the rest of the field. Nathaniel said after the race, “I didn’t use much of my legs for the swim,” for explaining his fast feet out of the pool. Dan Clouston, the winner from yesterday’s Uphill Bike TT opening event, builds on his lead in the overall classification with a respectable second, while overall classification contender Matt Reeve rounds out the podium.

Rachel Schoeler wins in the female division in her debut with a solid performance in the pool. Alex Lush finishes a close second and Lauren Sagadore scores another podium finish in third place.

Event 2 Aquathon Winners: Rachel Schoeler and Nathaniel Janzen

Mass start in the pool

Race organizers are currently tallying up points for the first two events; however, it’s probably safe to say that it should be no surprise, should Dan Clouston stand as the current official golden cape holder.

Still 10 events remain in this exciting battle for the Vincent Lavallee Cup in the quest for supreme bragging rights and draw prizes. After two days of exhausting displays of athleticism, athletes will now have some time to recover until the next event on Oct. 14th, the Mile Run.

Official Aquathon Event 2 Results:

1. Nathaniel Janzen
2. Dan Clouston
3. Matt Reeve
4. Scott Chris
5. Simon Fergeson
6. Winston Guo
7. Carson Cheyne
8. Eddie Wu
9. Jesse Chao
10. Dwayne da Silva

1. Rachel Schoeler
2. Alex Lush
3. Lauren Sagadore
4. Melanie van Soeren
5. Victoria Gilbert
6. Celeste Pakstas
7. Shannon Woods
8. Brittany Buchanan
9. Naiely Cabrera
10. Claire Haddock
11. Kelsey Foote
12. Annie
13. Kyuwon Kim

Photos from this event are found here.


Vincent said...

Looks like Flipper is really moving up the ranks! Awesome. Can't wait to start up next week with the mile!

Scott said...

Nice to see I managed to edge out Simon Whitfield