Thursday, September 17, 2009

UBC Fall Classic Race Series

Introducing the UBC Triathlon Club Fall Classic Race Series, or for short, the UBCTC Fall Classic!

In an effort to introduce the sport of triathlon to new University of British Columbia club members, we have decided to hold a race series during practice times to encourage our athletes to come out and experience what racing is all about without the heavy burden of race fees.

The goals of the series are
  • Have fun
  • Create a quantifiable method of tracking fitness progress
  • Give an outlet to practice "race day" preparations
  • Spice up the weekly test sets we do during practice
  • Create a healthy competitive atmosphere to encourage team strength
I think thats enough reasons.

There will be many events:

  1. Uphill Bike Time Trial
  2. Aquathon
  3. Mile Run
  4. Swimming Team Relay
  5. Uphill Run Time Trial
  6. Flat Bike Time Trial
  7. 3/5k Run Time Trial
  8. Brick Bike/Run Race
  9. Swim Test Set
  10. Run Team Relay
  11. Tire Change Race
  12. Underwater Distance Swim
  13. Beer Mile
Don't be discouraged by the number of events, nor if you are a beginner that you will be left behind. There will be 4 categories, Rookie Male/Female and Overall Male/Female.

To even the playing field, there is a large attendance bonus.

Therefore the more events you go to, the greater your advantage is! And hopefully we will be able to get prizes donated by some local sponsors!

Obviously some people will have to miss an event from time to time, or won't be able to make a single Wednesday run. To make up for this, we will have a make up week where you can do all individual timed events other than the aquathon and brick.

We have never done anything like this before so it may be a little shaky at first, but hopefully we can build the foundation of a race series for years to come!

There may even be a trophy donated by a generous soon to be alumni!

For a schedule of the events, click to enlarge the photo below.


Eze said...

Hey that looks great, man!

Sounds like a lot of fun. I have a busy term ahead but hopefully I can make some of the events.

Nathaniel 'Big Lungs' Janzen said...


awight said...

Nathaniel 'Big Lungs' Janzen wont even make it 20m. You're going down and you're not coming back up!

Nathaniel 'Big Lungs' Janzen said...

Man you WISH you could go 20m, Andrew.

"I'm tough as a rock, but I don't sink!"
(quote from an 8-year-old in my swim club)

awight said...

Your swimming abilities may be good enough for the 8-year-olds that you race against, but this is the big leagues. This is the UBCTC. I've seen men cry here so don't worry, you wont be the first, or the last.

Nathaniel 'Big Lungs' Janzen said...

You can't see my tears in the water so just get ready to LOSE.

Erich10 said...

Hey bud. Can people who are not on the UBC Tri team participate in these? (aka me?)

awight said...

Hey Erich10, these events are exclusive to members of the UBC Triathlon Club, simply due to liabilities. The club is open to everyone though so feel free to come out to an event or practice, check it out, and if you like it, talk to one of the executives about joining.