Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Rivalry Continues!

On the eve of the swim relay Matt Reeve, Vincent Lavallee and Lauren Sagadore embarked on a night of duelling wits. In an attempt to weaken the competition Reeve introduced a few bottles of Wine which Sagadore gracefully accepted. As Lavallee slipped under the radar of alcohol consumption, Matt Reeve sip by sip diminished Lauren's chances of victory. This became even more evident during the foreshadowing games of Cribbage where in the first round Vincent and Matt Skunked Lauren and in the re-match things got ugly. Lauren became so inebriated that she became belligerent and even violent. Smacking the competition, they became scared as the screams of "I"m winning" increased in volume as the hours went on despite the fact that she had lost both her pegs under the couch. Eventually, Lauren succumbed to the alcohol and passed right out. She will no doubt lose tomorrow as she will be far too hung over to compete in the the relay race. How unfortunate. I feel true pity for her team mates.

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