Thursday, October 1, 2009

Event 1 Uphill TT Course

Fall Classic Race Series Preview

Saturday 3rd October
Individual time-trial course.

The launching pad will be set up at Jericho Beach just near the west end of the parking lots on NW Marine Dr., from where the riders will move west.

The 2km course is the steepest climb to campus at a 3.5% grade. The finish will be about 20m from the Chancellor Blvd. intersection.

The regular ride will start at the usual 9am time slot and the group will head to Stanley Park. The TT event will begin at 11am.

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Tiger said...

Woo, fun course, I will be unfortunately not able to attend as I will be in Okanagan Wine Fest sotally tober. Will anyone time their personal times? It would be interesting to know how fast everyone is kicking at. Good luck, P.S. I find the second gradient change passing the parking lot the hardest, once you make the S turns you should kick up couple gears.