Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Iona Bike Time Trial Event #6

After a very hyped up and exciting Mile Race last Wednesday, it was nice to have a more mellow race in the form of the flat bike TT out at Iona on Saturday. Once again weather proved to be our friend and on a crisp but sunny morning, 25 riders made the trip out to try their luck on the course.

In a competition where technology has been a factor (such as racing spikes and flats in the mile), the bike TT showed a whole new level of racing gear. The most over the top coming from former and current UBCTC Presidents and generally good looking guys Barry Claman and Vincent Lavallee who raced in skinsuits, TT helmets, Race wheels and Time Trial bikes. Pressure was high for these two because showing up like that and not performing well would simply be embarrassing.

Barry and Vince pulling all the stops
After shuffling everyone into position for the start, Matt Reeve counted everyone down and the race was underway.

Racers lined up for the start
Vincent Lavallee about to start
Barry about to start
The racers had nearly perfect conditions, with very little wind the flags were barely moving, this being uncharacteristic for Iona were winds have been known to gust up to 60+kph.

After a series of running events, the cyclist were ready to get their turn. In the men's division, it was no surprise that Barry Claman quickly closed his 30 second gap on Vincent and was charging to his second victory of the UBCTC Fall Classic Series being the only athlete to break the 40kph barrier. The surprise of the day however came from Kory Seder. Kory who has put together some very respectable times in the running events was an unknown on the bike having missed the uphill time trial. Kory thundered home to an impressive second place finish who despite not having race wheels/skinsuit/teardrop helmet was just over 30 seconds back of Barry followed closely by Vincent in 3rd.

The more interesting race probably took place mid pack though. That is the race for the overall title. Matt Reeve cracked the top 5 finishing just over a minute back of the lead, in doing so grabbing some all so important points over Nathaniel and Winston who chase in 2nd and 3rd overall.

In a post race interview with Barry when asked how he felt about this, his second victory in the UBCTC Fall Classic series he said that he was humbled by the achievement, however, that despite his expectations, he would have been disappointed without the victory.
"Showing up with all the aero equipment and not winning would have been an embarrassment, and what would that make me, I would have been like Vince."

On the woman's side, the race for the overall is even tighter. Coming into this event, Claire Haddock, Victoria Gilbert and Lauren Spazadore, the top 3 women were only 11 points apart. A spread which could easily be made up with a good ride.

With Spazadore having to leave early, she raced the TT before everyone else arrived, setting the benchmark time of 18:47 for the rest of her competitors along with prefacing the conditions for everyone.

The women's race was a lot closer than the mens, where the top 8 women were finished just over a minute apart, which can only be said for the top 4 men.

Kim Seder, part of the Seder powerhouse duo brought home the victory in a time of 18:23. Only 8 seconds back was second place finisher Marina Heaton who edged out Celeste Pakstas in third by 6 seconds. Once again the women's field show the men what it means to be competitive.

Marina Heaton (green) and Kim Seder (blue bike) preparing to start

Kim Seder coming to the line

Powerhouse couple Kim and Kory Seder took near top honors on the day with a 1st and 2nd, edging out other leading couple Flipper Janzen and Scott Chris in the points race on this day. In response to this, Scott blamed Nathaniel for not pushing hard enough. Upon inspection Nathaniel had a spiderweb on his bike which was not destroyed during the race. Scott's argument being that Nathaniel wasn't pushing hard enough, all the while Nathaniel rebutted that spiderweb is the strongest known fiber and that it acted like a parachute slowing him down to which people compared this weak excuse to one of Vince's.

After this event, halfway through, the women's race is closer than ever with the top 3 ladies only 5 points apart, with the top honors being shared between Claire Haddock and Lauren Spazadore.

In the men's race, Matt Reeve conceded some points, however, his lead grew over his primary rivals Flipper Janzen and Winstorm. Can he maintain this momentum over the next 6 events? We will see as he starts the second half tomorrow night with the 5k run TT. Hopefully this time Matt won't disappoint his fans and forget to wear the cape for this could be his last event wearing it.

Barry Claman 14:59
Kory Seder 15:37
Vincent Lavallee 15:47
Derek Westra-Luney 16:05
Matt Reeve 16:10
Derrick Lee 16:24
Fabian Jankovic 17:30
Winstorm Guo 17:32
Scott Chris 17:35
Jared Penner 17:45
Tiger Ye 18:07
Nathaniel Janzen 18:17
Carson Cheyne 18:20
Mike Penner 18:21
Kimberly Seder 18:23
Marina Heaton 18:31
Celeste Pakstas 18:37
Lauren Sagadore 18:47
Dwayne da Silva 18:50
Victoria Gilbert 18:58
Greta Raymant 19:02
Claire Haddock 19:06
Kendra Rudibega Swain 19:29
Kelsey Foote 20:53
Kaylee Robertson 21:11

For full event photos, click here.

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