Saturday, October 31, 2009

Claire's Basketball Game

With this lull in Fall Classic Series events, I decided it was a good time to recap on some team bonding that took place just over a week ago.

A team alumn, Claire Askew moved to Toronto and goes to Ryerson University now. Fortunately, she has joined the basketball team there and had an exhibition game against UBC so a group of us decided to head out and watch.

She knew a few of us may be coming, but had no idea of what we had planned. Sure enough, as half time ended and the teams were coming back onto the court, 6 SHIRTS WENT FLYING and a rambunctious group of cheers started yelling at Claire.

Despite the looks of embarrassment, I think she liked it. And I'm pretty sure most of her teammates did as well. I mean come on, Just look at us!

Left to right: Vincent, Winston, Matt, Lauren, Grant, Andrew, and Kaylen (Andrew's daughter)


Eze said...

HAHAHA that's awesome!!

Claire said...

Haha you guys are best! It's true I was a little embarrassed but so happy:)