Thursday, March 29, 2012


Many individual competitors secured themselves spots in tomorrow's finals. Victoria took more than 30 seconds off of her time from Wednesday and finished in 15:26. Not far behind was Jen Bhatla in 15:41, and Karin and Kelsey finishing 1 second apart (in different heats) both finishing just under the 16:30 mark.

On the Men's side Matt (14:46) and Brendan (14:14) both won their heats and will certainly advance. Quick times were run by Drew and John, finishing in 15:29 and 15:24 respectively. They might not be bale to flip turn, but they should be able to keep up appearances for the later stages of the race. The last one out of the pool has agreed to stuff two handfuls of bark mulch in his Speedo after getting over the wall, so the incentive for a quick swim is present.

Also barely worth mentioning, the club president today became perhaps the first ever competitor in the Super Ironman event to ever make it to the wall in less than fifteen minutes. And the only competitor at least in recent memory to get over the wall in under twenty minutes (19:49).

UBC REC has some excellent photographers, and as the only photographers permitted within the blue fencing, all photo credit is entirely theirs.

Whatever happens tomorrow, at least this many people will be watching from the knoll:

Also of note, Nathaniel is the new club President. He will now be single-handedly taking care of all future blog posts, club memberships, event organisation, sponsorship and room bookings. He is also now solely responsible for the website, please contact him directly with absolutely any complaints or comments. The hours of Midnight-Dawn are preferred.

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