Monday, March 19, 2012

UBC Triathlon/Duathlon

March 11th, saw over 30 club members taking place in the UBC Triathlon and Duathlon.  We were very fortunate to have received our clothing order for the year just days before the race and with the weather co-operating many members were able to race in their fabulous new triathlon suits.  We are very grateful for the support from the UBC AMS as well as our sponsors: West Point Multisport, The Run Inn, Dunbar Physio, and Clif Bar as they helped us keep the price of our new triathlon suits and bike kits affordable for the student athlete.

Barry was seen racing in his specialty, the Duathlon, and his despite his numerous hours spent studying for the MCAT he was still able to pull off the overall win with a time of 1:15:40.  Also racing in the Duathlon was Chris finishing 2nd in his age group with a time of 1:31:21.  Chris also did the unthinkable and raced in the Olympic Distance race later the same day.  He says he just wanted the prestige of racing two races however rumor has it he felt he needed more time practicing transitions before racing Ironman Canada later this summer.

In the Sprint distance race we saw Nathaniel finish as the fastest tri club member in 1:14:02.  Clearly he needs to work on his pool run time as it was the 127th slowest but given his 4th fastest swim time I suppose he has a good excuse for being tired.  Crazy Jon was also seen racing in the Sprint and unthinkably the Olypmic as well later in the day.  Eddy was in hot pursuit of Jake finishing 26seconds back.  Stephanie had a solid 3rd place finish in her age group with a time of 1:26:38.  Also spotted out on the course were Robin, Keely, and Kate.

In the Olympic Distance race it’s a good thing there were different heats or it would have looked like a shark fest in the pool with us all swimming over each other in an attempt to be the first out on the bike!  Some speedy swimmers were even seen placing themselves in slower heats so they could be out in front and have a clear pool to swim in . . . you know who you are!

The first Tri Club finisher was Brendan with a whopping time of 2:05:06.  This blisteringly fast time was also able to claim him 3rd place overall and 2nd in his age group.  In hot pursuit was Matt who finished 2nd in his age group and was followed by Vince who as predicted finished right around 2:18 just like every year before.  Clearly age isn’t slowing Vince down . . . yet.  Not far behind was a close race between Chris, Dylan, Winston and Joel who all finished within two minutes of each other.  Behind them were Mike, Derrick, and Kevin busy battling it out amongst themselves.

The first female in the club to finish was Victoria with a time of 2:36:27, fast enough to claim her 2nd overall female and 1st in her age group.  She was closely followed by Kelsey and Jenn who finished only 14seconds apart.  Jenn had a amazing race finishing 24minutes faster then last year and was overheard saying all she did differently this year was one extra pool swim a week!!  Winston is now contemplating adopting this tactic as part of his world domination plan.

Great job to everyone who raced and watch out for us racing around this summer in our fabulous new bike kits and tri suits!!

Barry: 1:15:40, 1st overall male, 1st in AG
Chris: 1:31:21, 2nd in AG

Nathaniel: 1:14:02,
Jon: 1:20:24
Jake: 1:21:04
Eddy: 1:21:30
Robin: 1:26:13
Stephanie: 1:26:38, 3rd in AG
Keely: 1:27:16
Seth: 1:34:01
Kate: 1:35:11

Brendan: 2:05:06, 3rd overall male, 2nd in AG
Matt: 2:14:53, 2nd in AG
Vince: 2:17:38, 3rd in AG
Max: 2:20:55
Chris: 2:29:38
Dylan: 2:29:58, 3rd in AG
Winston: 2:30:52
Joel: 2:31:15
Mike: 2:33:58
Derrick: 2:34:21
Kevin: 2:34:59
Victoria: 2:36:27, 2nd overall female, 1st in AG
Jon: 2:37:22
Kelsey: 2:39:29
Jenn: 2:39:43
Ben: 2:43:41
Jesse: 2:53:09
Rachel: 2:54:55
Graham: 3:01:31
Theresa: 3:01:57
Kyuwon: 3:11:52

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