Thursday, March 22, 2012


The Spring fling race series ended this morning, with the two leading males in the point series contesting the last event- the mile. Both competitors initially tried to pull ahead by 50 participation points by pretending to not be able to make it to Wednesday night's event; hoping their opponent would show up to find a deserted track on Thursday morning and victory out of reach.

Matt went so far as to invent a fake ring ceremony for engineers, and spent most of the week hammering a crude iron ring out of a rusty nail in his basement. A resident expert (Winston) was contacted, he being the only club member with a Master in Engineering. He confirmed that there is not and never has been a ring ceremony for engineers. Apparently, no structure, machine or heating and ventilation system ever designed by any engineer has ever been shown to have any flaws or defects. Therefore a reminder of the obligations and ethics of the profession is not required.

Hoping Brendan would buy the ring ceremony excuse and not show up on Wednesday night, Matt hoped to replicate his post St. Patrick's day aquathon success through trickery and deceit, relying little on any athletic ability. Brendan did show up on Wednesday, mainly to serve as a photographer and collect 7 minutes of stunning video footage. Forgoing the easy victory, Brendan graciously decided to wait for Matt to be able to compete the following morning.

Matt knew he would need to win the mile by a full 18 seconds to be able to get his name written on the Vincent Lavallee Cup for a ninth time. He lead for a quick first 200 meters, before letting Brendan fight the wind for the next 1400.

Coming through 800m in 2:27, a personal best for Brendan was all but a guarantee. Lap 3 and 4 were within seconds of the first two. Finishing in 5:01, he has gotten significantly faster since running 5:24 the first time he ran the mile as part of a race series event. Matt was on his shoulder for all but the last lap, finishing in a quick 5:05. More importantly, he was well ahead of Vince's 5:13 from the previous night. Even though Vince had to run alone and was wearing a very heavy toque.

The fastest girl from Wednesday's race was Eliza, running a stellar 5:38; one of the fastest ever times for the club on the ladies side. Victoria finished second, while Theresa made up a lot of ground on her with a really quick last lap, finishing at Victoria's shoulder, both in 6:04. Victoria's name will be added to the Lavallee cup once again.

Daniel shaved a full 19 seconds off of his mile time from the fall, finishing well under the five minute mark at 4:55. A great performance after complaining of "measles, pneumonia, leprosy and a touch of tuberculosis" all of which had been unfortunately contracted in the previous 48 hours. Daniel should wash his hands more often. He also collects the prize for being the most obviously exhausted at the finish line.

Seth won the title of tightest outfit for the event. Looking great also helped Seth feel great. So good in fact that he raced Eliza for a second mile. He lost, but then he was wearing rather heavy shoes so it wasn't really a fair contest.

There is still Storm the Wall and some one more mile (with beer) left this year, so no one can relax just yet. Look for a comprehensive report on the progress of both individual and team performances next week.

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Winstonian said...

I heard the mile winner broke through a cement wall and still posted a blistering-fast club record time!!