Monday, March 26, 2012


Not surprisingly, the fastest Ironperson and team times of this year's Storm the Wall races all belong to UBC triathlon club members.

Victoria is the leading Ironwoman, right on the sixteen minute mark. Jen Bhatla is very close behind, after an incredible swim, beating most men's times and finishing in 16:18.

Both the Coed and Men's triathlon club teams have the fastest times so far, 14:02 for the mixed team on Sunday and the fastest time on campus going to the men's team this morning- 13:35. Barry took the corners very easy, and Daniel needs some practice grabbing the baton- sub 13:00 might not be impossible for the team.

Matt is wisely storing up energy for a Tuesday race, leaving Brendan's 14:31 and Nathaniel's 14:24 unchallenged for now. But Nathaniel won't be advancing to compete this week so none cares that he has the current fastest time.

For anyone who hasn't raced yet- don't worry about getting over the wall. As the image below shows, you really don't have to jump very high at all:

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