Saturday, March 31, 2012

Beer Mile version 8.0!


Walk with me as I recount everyones favourite event of the semester. The Triathlon club wrap up beer mile!

This race was greatly anticipated. After such a successful campaign of Wall Storming this week, there was no excuse not to race hard.

Talks of the beer mile began weeks ago. A forgotten hero of the Triathlon Club felt as though too much attention was being given to the quickly approaching Storm the Wall event, and saddened by the fact that he could no longer participate, decided to redirect the attention to himself by throwing down threats of glory come the beer mile.

By skillfully choosing his competitor (one who is currently injured and wasn't planning on racing the beer mile) Vincent almost all but guaranteed his victory! Now all that was needed was some good natured trash talking. Brendan Naef was very helpful in this quest, as he wished to divert attention from the flies in his soup onto others by creating propaganda posters for the event.

Brendan stated earlier this week that my trash talk is inversely proportional to the likelyhood of my winning an event. Spoiler alert! I won! That being said, I think this statement should be rephrased. The likelyhood of my wining an event is DIRECTLY proportional to the amount of trash talk I give.

That sounds about right. So keeping that in mind, I just want to throw it out there that I will be winning the Grand Columbian this coming September. No random guy is going to beat me.

Back to the beer mile! We rolled up to the undisclosed track just as darkness was falling. Fortunately the weather decided to be kind to us, as the rain had stopped and it wasn't actually that cold of a night. Unfortunately, there were a few individuals who were running a little late. Brendan (our eventual victor of the evening in a time of 7:40) came sprinting to the track, only to learn that his rushed arrival was unnecessary as we were still waiting on Victoria and Dylan. They eventually arrived after sufficient jokes were made as to why they were running late and the beer mile finally got underway.

The intensity of the Eagle!

There were many first time Beer Milers out last night. Brendan, our seasoned veteran knew better than to take off flying like so many of these young kids. Consistency from the gun won him this race in a time of 7:40.

Kevin I believe finished in second, in a time of 8:18

There is a good chance that Scott was somewhere in the mix of top finishers, however, since I didn't see him cross the line in the dark. I'm going to assume he vomited and never actually made it to the end.

Entertaining vomits from the evening came from Winston, Nathaniel, Mike Duncan and Max! Max also was celebrated, as we watched him race off on his punishment 5th lap at a pace that left everyone simply in awe as his silhouette glided along the track. And we can't forget newcomer and wall man extraordinaire Daniel Helm who once again appeared to be in the running for the lead, only to vomit after 3 laps.

In the girls race, despite her crushing defeat to Vincent Lavallée, Kendra still put in a solid effort to easily win the girls race in a time of 10:15 ish. She claimed that had she been able to run (remember she is injured), her time would have easily beaten mine. Of that, I have no doubt, which obviously factored into my decision to challenge her.

Victoria finished in second place in the girls race. Managing once again to successfully hold down her alcohol. Something that as I've already mentioned, can't be said for many of the guys.

With the absence of Jon who was participating in a race of his own (33:00 10km NBD), there was no one close enough to challenge the team record held by Kory of 6:59. Its a solid record, but I am confident that one day it will fall.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the event (being in the dark and involving alcohol), my memory of other finishers is somewhat hazy. So if anyone has additions to make, let me know and I will be sure to add them in.

And finally, I would like to thank our fantastic hosts last night, Brittany and Matt for having another great after party, as well as Dylan and Victoria for supplying Jello shots for everyone.

One last event left this semester! Stay tuned for the year end potluck!

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