Tuesday, March 27, 2012


With the exception of Matt coming in at14:06 mark for his Ironman heat today, there wasn't too much excitement at the wall. He may have handicapped himself severely by not choosing Sunday for his first heat and allowing for adequate rest. I only spent 20 minutes there instead of my usual four hours, so I apologize in advance to anyone that I may be overlooking.

Really good races to watch should be the club's men's team at 1:10 on Thursday and the mixed team earlier the same day, at 11:55. Three interesting races should be run just before noon tomorrow. The Super Ironwomen start in the pool at 11:30, followed closely by the sponsor's heat at 11:45. The 5 Gum Team is supposed to be a good one to watch. The Super Ironman heat begins at 12:00, expect competitors to be at the wall as late 1:00.

I tried to access the Vancouver section of Environment Canada's website- but this is the only image that I could get to come up.

But Look, it doesn't matter if it rains. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJBlVBf4gf8&feature=related

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