Saturday, November 8, 2014

It's the SWIM recap!

Hi everyone,

Just last week we had another awesome Race Series Event..the 500 M swim. As mentioned in a previous post, the competitiveness of this years race series has reached an all time HIGH, and we (the exec) are LOVING everyone's participation and enthusiasm for all the events this term..

Before we get into the gritty details just a reminder: There are only 2 EVENTS LEFT! Who will be the ultimate Men's/Women's champion? Who will be most improved? Most consistent? Best moustache?

But now, on to the swim.

Christie, wanting to avoid the traffic, arrived to the pool first (almost 20 minutes early!) and proceeded to get focussed for the big event.


Slowly all the other members arrived, each looking ready to begin. Jamie arrived sporting a fashionable moustache, which he claimed would reduce his hydrodynamic drag by up to 50% per lap. Also in attendance was club LEGEND Winston - AKA the SILENT ASSASSIN. Eric and Nima were seen conspiring in a far corner of the pool, no doubt planning the best way to slow down Matt on the swim. Vanessa spent the majority of the workout bobbing up and down in the shallow end, complaining about the cold water, and Sean seemed to spend an awful lot of time hanging on to the edge of the pool, citing that it was part of his "special warm-up". Jamie was caught trying to strap 4 pull-buoys to his legs in an effort to provide some means of flotation to his massive quads. Jenn M also tried a similar strategy, but instead chose to strap weights to her ankles so she could try to run along the bottom of the pool instead of swimming. Missing for the proceedings was Jenn B. As already a fantastic swimmer, we suspect Jenn purposely stayed home to give everyone else a fighting chance in the points race. Rounding out the host of strong performances, Kazuma and Katrina both put in strong swims to finish under 10:00. Likewise, Vince was seen pushing himself right to the wall (both in the physical sense and the ermmm..mental sense?). 

Also not in attendance was Club President Seth, who claimed he "had class"... For those who are not aware, Seth also skipped the Aquathon with a similar excuse, citing on that occasion that he had to "take his pet goldfish to the vet"...Ahuh...Seth...ahuh.

Overall, everyone in attendance put in a strong swim performance, with Spencer taking the win on the Men's side and Katelyn  for the Women. Nicely done! With the completion of the swim, we seen another shake-up in the Race-Series, with Matt taking back 1st place from Jamie. Jen M still maintains her commanding lead on the Women's side. Will she make it 2 overall wins in a row? 

Reminder this Thursday - THE DENIM MILE - bring your best denim outfit and get ready to suffer through 4 laps round the track.

If you have never been out to a Race Series event, its NOT TOO LATE TO START! Any/all current club members are welcomed. It's a fun and easy way to connect with a great group of people who love doing the same things as YOU!

-Your Exec

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