Saturday, November 1, 2014

2 Blogs for 1 - 5 K.M. and Brick Recap - RACE SERIES SHAKE-UP

Forget the introductions, we are just gonna get right to the action with this blog..because out there today this just got serious..

But now, back to the 5 K.M. (Thursday) 

Things started out pretty good. An exceptional turn out, with Jenn M. leading the way to Acadia Rd. for the start of the 5 K.M. And then the rain came, and I mean hard..and it was windy...and dark. Fortunately this deterred nobody! Eric (who up until now had been quietly biding his time) unleashed a furious run, gliding around the course like a Gazelle with robotic implants for legs. Eric set such a blistering pace that only the most elite Tri-Club runners could hang tough with him. But in the end Eric put his closest rivals (Jenn and Jamie) to the sword as he soloed to victory. On the Women's side Jenn M. won with a gutsy run, clocking in just over 18:00. 

After taking the Men's points lead, defending Race Series champ suffered a heavy blow, as he stopped the clock the slowest out of the Men, with Jamie now resuming the top spot. Jenn M's win in the 5 K.M. was also enough to put her back in the number one position. 

Above - Artist's depiction of Matt during his run..

Other strong runs came from Jen B, Nima, Seth, Megan, Alex and Vincent. Sean C was unfortunately unable to join, so he thought he would do the race alone.....getting lost in the process. We think his run went something like this...

The BRICK!! (Saturday)
Although a little cold, you could not have asked for a better day for a morning of suffering. Unfortunately the team was a little slow off the mark today..with Seth taking the obligatory first tire flat of the morning. Next to flat was Men's Race Series leader Jamie (It has been suggested that his flat was resultant from a bag of thumbtacks Sean "accidentally" left on the roadside).. But of course we can only speculate.. 

With the race underway it was Nima who put in a blistering bike pace. On the Women's side Mads made all the ladies suffer with her speed as well. However, it was Jenn M who would take her second win in a row, with Nima taking his first Race Series win of the season. Yeee buddy. 

Other notable mentions include - Sean not getting lost. Christie putting in a solid run performance, and Vanessa having the fastest transition time of the day. Also of note - Matt hiding Jamie's shoes for the second time in a futile attempt of sabotage. And of course Seth shouts of "CHAINS OF DEATH" throughout the entire workout (Which it was later determined that he meant to say "Chase them down", but in his excitement things just got jumbled..) And thus a potential new club slogan was born..

Above - artists depiction of Jamie's legs post-brick.. 

Up next the 500 M SWIM - remember guys, in the pool ANYTHING can happen! Heroes will rise, waves will be made, points will be earned...

Will Jamie hold onto the Men's lead? Will Guillem rise from the shadows to take his crown? What about Jen B? Jen has been uber-consistent this season, so we can't rule her out.. Vanessa seems to be full of surprises this year, and at the very least seems poised to take the "Transitioner Of The Year Award"

Untill the next event,
(Chains of Death!)

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