Thursday, November 13, 2014

DENIM MILE! (Return of Chains of Death, Hobbits and Jean Skirts?)

Tonight was our second last Race Series Event! It's hard to believe that another semester of epic racing is almost at a close…

Heres how it all went down:

A great many denim clad triathlon warriors arrived at the track this evening, sporting the latest denim sporting attire. Seth chose a more un-orthodox approach to his denim, wearing a denim-esque toque that is sure to be featured on many a runway across Europe next summer. Eric's short shorts would have make even Tobias Funke blush a little. Mads came sporting a nifty jean jacket, while Katelyn opted for full on jean-capris. Matt took perhaps the most radical approach of all, sporting a women's designer jean skirt that he no doubt had kept from his high-school cheerleading days. Basically, there was enough denim at the track tonight to put a Levi's factory out of business….

Despite a busy track, we had a TON of fast performances this evening, with Mike and Jen taking the top Men's and Women's spot, respectively. Way to go you two! Christie put in a strong performance this evening, along with Kazuma and Megan R as well. Awesome work team! It is believed that Seth might have run faster, but he seemed to be more interested in talking about the new HOBBIT MOVIE with anyone who would listen…P.S. in case Seth didn't mention to you it comes out December 17..

So, just a short post this evening as this SATURDAY is our final event! EVER! Well, not really - as we will have a Spring 2015 race series! The Men's and Women's Race has yet to be decided!

On the Men's side it is a close race between Jamie and Matt, with Jamie hanging on to a slender 8 point lead. Jen M has been enjoying her time on top - but anything could happen on the bike - who will take her crown? It will all come down to who is the fastest on the HILL OF TRUTH (Aka the Spanish Banks HIll..but w/e). Shields shall be broken, spears shattered…oh wait no. Sorry that was The Hobbit, Seth is getting to me… 

Come out this Saturday to lay it all on the line! Meet at 10 AM at the club office, we will do a short warmup as a group, and then tackle the final event in what has been one of the most epic race series EVER!

-Your Exec (Chains of Death)…..

P.S. All members who have not completed any Race Series events have until the 23 of November to do so. After that YOUR POINTS WILL NOT COUNT towards the overall standings.. So make it happen captain!

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