Sunday, November 13, 2011

Winners Crowned.

Seven of the club's bravest riders faced some less than ideal conditions for this morning's brick. With no major surprises or upsets, the Fall Classic point series has officialy ended, with the overall titles going to Barry and Claire who have had early leads since the first couple events. This turns out to be rather convenient as their names were already engraved on the trophies earlier this week.

Kevin tried to make up for a bad night's sleep by getting as much caffeine in his system as he possibly could. The jury is still out on how beneficial this might have proved. Seth gave Sherry a 30 second lead, hoping to catch up and draft later in the race. Seth lent Barry his aero helmet for the duration of the race, and as a result he found it much harder to catch up than planned. He managed to just edge out Sherry at the finish. Barry used the helmet to his full advantage, finishing just 10 seconds behind Matt's recorded time from an equally wet and breezy course on Wednesday.

Kyuwon hit six red lights, a funeral procession, a duck crossing and had to stop for 3 different elderly couples crossing the road. Claire was seen sprinkling tacks on the road before the event in order to further guarantee her victory and is suspected of tampering with the traffic lights as well. She took things a little too far, even interfering with the men's race by resetting Johnson's Garmin and costing him precious seconds at the start line. The next unofficial Point Series will be the beer mile, December 2nd, so there are still plenty of reasons to be training hard. And with only 15 or 16 weeks until the start of the spring point series, no off season is really permitted.

Overall Time
Kyuwon 28:30:00
Claire 23:58:00
Sherry 26:52:00
Kevin 23:18:00
Seth 25:45:00
Johnson 25:03:00
Barry 20:13:00
Victoria Gilbert 23:32:00
Matt Reeve 20:03:00
Vincent Lavallee 20:57:00

Leaving the brick competitors behind in Vancouver, an even larger group of club members (8 + one alumna) headed to Lynn Valley for a trail race this morning. Despite course marking problems and persistent rain, everyone seemed to have a pretty good race and get at least a pair of socks from the draw prize table at the finish line. Matt even won free entry into a trail race for next August; seconds after exclaiming "Man, I really don't want to win this". It turns out whoever is standing next to Brendan during draws for free race entries always wins. Take note in case you plan on attending any bike shop openings or similar events.

Naiely originally ran as "Vincent Laval" but after undergoing a rigorous gender and identity verification process after the race was allowed to keep her title of third woman overall in the 24k. In future she plans to actually enter races herself and save much trouble at the finish line.

Overall Place and Times

2 01:51:10 Carl Reilly
4 01:58:52 Liam Harrap
5 02:00:05 Brendan Naef
12 02:14:37 Jake Alleyn
23 02:31:22 Naiely Cabrera

1 00:56:54 Jonathan Heinz
2 01:02:00 Matt Reeve
3 01:07:23 Kaley Strachan
6 01:09:39 Kelsey Knoll

There was also a 19k but no one really cares how that race went as it was reported that very few triathletes competed in this event.

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