Friday, November 4, 2011

Third Tree On Your Right

The Fall Classic is rapidly drawing to a close, with 3/4's of events now having already been contested. So if someone is immediately ahead of you in the overall standings, you had better have a good breakfast on Sunday and give your best effort in the 500m swim if you want to make up some ground.

For several club members this was their first ever timed 5k, so new personal bests were assured. Both men's and women's course records were eclipsed, thanks in part to having a bit of daylight left for the event and a break in the rain just in time for the race.

Jen Moroz became the first female to break 19 minutes on this course (including the impressive performance of professional triathlete Amy Kirkham), running 18:54. The men's lead swapped several times, with John and Barry each taking roughly 500m at the lead before switching off. This pattern continued for four and a half laps. Both finished in personal best times. The overall winner would like to thank Barry for pushing the pace and putting the record within reach. It's hard (not to mention lonely!) running alone. If the landscapers of the endowment lands had planted that finish line tree 18 inches farther to the West, Vince's "run under 17:00" challenge would have been a breeze.

An unknown competitor was seen clearing a few wet leaves off of the street and folding in the mirror of a parked vehicle during the warmup lap of the course. They were accused (and rightfully so) of taking point series events too seriously. 100 points have been subtracted from their overall total.

Special thanks to Johnson for handling all of the timing, and the essential countdown at the start line. I saw you at the finish line tree on lap one, so you must have been moving pretty quickly to get there. The clipboard must not affect your stride at all. For the three club members currently competing in Las Vegas, the first 5k of the 30k run portion of your race will be used for your point series time. Even if Naiely did the 5k in advance. So run hard right from the start.

John Heinz 16:41:00
Barry Claman 17:00:00
Max Stallkamp 17:31:00
Daniel Salamanca17:50:00
Vincent Lavallee18:01:00
Matt Reeve 18:02:00
Drew Senay 18:05:00
Liam Harrap 18:06:00
Ben Kresnyak 18:35:00
Jen Moroz 18:54:00
Dylan Stephanian19:31:00
Kevin Chiarot 20:20:00
Seth Bluman 20:34:00
Jake Alleyne 20:47:00
Mirko Moeller 20:49:00
Grahm Clark 20:50:00
Paul Rozehnal 21:29:00
Victoria Gilbert21:35:00
Thomas Belshein 21:43:00
Kelsey Knoll 21:56:00
Martin Kozinsky 22:22:00
Stephanie Flynn 22:24:00
Sherry Gu 22:32:00
Keely Hammond 22:47:00
Greta Raymond 22:54:00
Theresa Price 22:58:00
Jen Bhatia 23:39:00
Brittany Buchanan24:12:00
Winston Guo: 19:something. Run the event on the proper day if you want an actual time.

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