Sunday, November 6, 2011

Girls Dominate Swim. Matt Tries His Best.

A familiar pattern repeated itself with this morning's 500m swim. The four fastest times all went to the ladies, with Jen Bhatla taking the event in 7:10, Kendra hot on her heels in 7:11 and Steph Flynn in 7:17. Karin's 7:29 didn't leave her far behind the pack. Kendra might have been able to shave that crucial second off had she not biked to campus this morning; her house is estimated to be 30 or 40k from campus. In a post race interview she revealed that she kind of felt "eh", and that after the event she echoed a similar sentiment. One can only imagine what Kendra might be able to do on a good day without an exhausting commute beforehand.

Also of note, on her way to winning the event, Jen crushed both of her times from the 2010/2011 Point Series by over 25 seconds, a significant improvement.

Kevin Chiarot was the fastest new club member, swimming 7:30 on the dot. Equally impressive was Liam, who took a full four minutes off of his personal best. Another four and he should have Jen in sight.

Winston was heard to remark that the event felt a bit like a Polar Bear swim on account of the beautifully clear but far from warm morning. And he wasn't even trying to squeeze in a late Aquathon, where the first lap of the SUB was cold enough to cause a mild headache. A few degrees colder and a Speedo might freeze to a man's body. For these and other practical reasons, Aquathon make-ups are now banned after October 31st.

Matt Reeve did not beat any of the faster ladies. But he did set the club record for the Aquathon, albeit a bit late to claim an additional 25 points. He will be forgiven for relaxing the pace a little bit in the pool to save precious energy for the run. The following statement was attributed to Matt just last Thursday "I don't know how fast I'll be able to run off of an all out 500, but I think I might give it a go to see if I can crush Barry". I think you did alright, Matt. And if your 500 was all out, then there is no excuse to have finished 4th overall. His 16:53 in the Aquathon makes him the first club member to complete the event under 17 minutes.

You now have only one more chance to make up ground on your nearest competitors in the Point Series with The Brick. Not that anyone can predict these things this far out- but the forecast calls for a dry day, and not too cold for mid-November. So plan on bringing your nicest set of wheels and don't worry too much about getting your best set of spandex dirty. At least give yourself a challenging time to beat next spring.

Matt Reeve 7:25:00
Kevin Chiarot 7:30:00
Vincent Lavallee7:32:00
Barry Claman 7:45:00
Daniel Salamanca8:49:00
Winston Guo 9:00:00
John Heinz 9:16:00
Jesse Chao 10:30:00
Derek 11:18:00
Liam Harrap 11:28:00
Jiri 12:22:00
Seth Bluman 13:24:00
Jen Bhatla 7:10:00
Kendra Swain 7:11:00
Stephanie Flynn 7:17:00
Karin Olafson 7:29:00
Brittany Buchanan8:16:00
Claire Askew 8:44:00
Tal 8:58:00
Kelsey Knoll 9:02:00
Greta Raymond 9:02:00
Annie Mauer 9:10:00
Jen Moroz 9:12:00
Becca 9:27:00
Victoria Gilbert9:32:00
Keely Hammond 10:42:00

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