Friday, November 4, 2011

IONA Time Trial

A small but rather fit group of cyclists rode down to the Iona Island causeway on Saturday to compete in the fifth event of the point series.

Claire managed to finish the course 30 seconds ahead of her nearest competitor and her already sizable lead in the point series is now even more secure. Even Eddy's long legs couldn't keep up with Claire's time trial pace, she finished 3 seconds ahead of him. But with three events left, the competition for overall lead female is far from over. The spring Point series winner, Victoria was next in 19:26, very much still in the running for the overall title. It was a small group of competitors on the girl's side, the other pair of riders finished in exactly the same time (21:10 for Sherry and Jen Bhatla). Accusations of drafting and illegal pacing would be thrown around if they hadn't started at least 15 seconds apart.

Barry Claman (15:37) was the fastest among the guys, not an unexpected performance considering his dominance in the uphill bike time trial a month ago. And Max, despite putting in some major mileage riding to work on a weighted commuter, was still 30 seconds behind Derrick who has spent a comparative amount of time on the couch.

Barry should perhaps consider himself fortunate that his main competition, the second and third place finishers were one week away from the ITU world championships and were therefore were likely taking it a bit easy and unable to put in absolute maximum effort on the bike. Brendan was only 2 seconds behind in 15:39, while Carl also managed to break the sixteen minute barrier, finishing in 15:59.

Barry Claman 15:37:00
Brendan Naef 15:39:00
Carl Reilly 15:59:00
Derrick Lee 16:19:00
Max Stalkamp 16:49:00
Kevin Chiarot 17:15:00
Johnson Jia 17:24:00
Chris Hard 17:37:00
Winston Guo 18:38:00
Eddy Wu 19:00:00
Seth Bluman 21:15:00
Claire Askew 18:57:00
Victoria Gilbert19:26:00
Jen Bhatla 20:10:00
Sherry 21:10:00

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