Tuesday, January 12, 2010


New to the 2010 Spring Season, I have decided to create a little motivation for all athletes participating in the next race series: UBCTC Spring Fling Series (name may change).

All athletes who beat their time in ANY of the events from last semester (other than the Aquathon because SOMEONE forgot to time it) will win a prize. What that prize is I'll keep secret for now but rest assured it is GOOD!

In addition to this, any athlete who breaks one of the team records will also be awarded a SUPER prize. It will be similar to the individual prizes but BIGGER!

Is everyone excited? You should be! Race series starts in just about a month, time to get rid of that Holiday Excess and get back in gear.

Just a refresher of the Team Records:

Uphill Time Trial
Dan Clouston 4:06
Lauren Sagadore/Victoria Gilbert/Greta Raymant 5:56

Uphill Run
Matt Reeve 2:59
Claire 3:43

Mile Run
Barry Claman 4:57
Victoria Gilbert 6:10

10k Bike TT
Barry Claman 14:59
Kim Seder 18:23

5K Run TT
Barry Claman 17:10
Claire 20:28

Brick Workout
Matt Reeve 20:34
Kim Seder 24:47

Swim 500m
Derek Westra-Luney 6:09
Kendra Swain 6:31

Tire Change
Matt Reeve 1:27
Victoria Gilbert 2:45

Underwater Swim
Nathaniel Janzen 72m
Rachel Schoeler 45m


awight said...

So in other words, you have no idea what the prize is.

Vincent said...

hey come on now. I just haven't decided if I'm motivated enough to actually go out and get them.

But rest assured, a prize will be won!

Kory said...

My goal is to break 4 team records. What happens if I break a record but someone beats me?

Vincent said...

well if you break a record at least you know you've got a new PB (in the race series as least). so you'll get a small prize