Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday January 30th Ride

Saturday January 30th - LTHR Test Ride

Today we (I) did testing to determine the LTHR based training zones for improved training design. No one was there.

Derek Westra-Luney came all the way from Victoria to show up part way through, he missed the testing, but got to ride with the painfully out of shape Sherwood.

A few notes on the Garmin data: The elevation was off by about 25-30 meters for most of the ride, and I had to restart my computer part way through the warm-up, so the full length of the ride isn't there.

As for everyone else, Frank Schleck has a message for you:

And here's a picture of Andy Hampsten illustrating Frank's wristband:

I expect to see more of you next week.


Vincent said...

I have no witty comeback...

Jared said...

Never fear! I also put in 30 minutes of non-bike-fit pain at Iona this morning--left from Balaclava and SW Marine in hopes of meeting up.

Must have missed you somehow Sherwood... of course, I was looking for a group.

derrick Lee said...

FYI, the slogan says, "Harden the Fuck Up."... now i need to find where i can buy one

Derek WL said...

LOVE it.
HTFU people!