Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Swim Times

Hey Team,

We have had some problems with scheduling the pool.

We have two options

1:30-2:30 Tuesday Thursday


3:30-4:30 Tuesday Thursday

Currently we are swimming at 3:30-4:30, however, the indoor pool is being used at that time, so if ever they need to do repairs to the outdoor pool (which happened 5-6 times last semester) we won't have the option of moving the practice indoors and the result will be practice is cancelled, and unfortunately often with very little notice (as in show up and no pool, oops).

Alternatively we can switch the swim to 1:30-2:30 which gives up the option of moving indoors if ever repairs need to be done.

I have created a poll and I ask that you post if you are AVAILABLE for either time. I don't care what your preference for them is, all I care about is if you CAN or CANNOT make the swim times that way we can make the best call for everyone.

Also, if you don't come to the swims, you don't need to vote.

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