Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Yay Transitions! - Aquathon and Brick

Considering the cold and wet on both race days, we had some great turnout at this year's transition events! Let's start things off with the Aquathon (it was first).

After Nathaniel and Brendan were finished with their bid to become professional video-coaches (and what a great job they did!) was a great race for both the men and the ladies!

First out of the pool for the guys was Nathaniel after 7:11, and within 30 seconds Brendan and Karin were off on the chase! Not far behind was.... actually everyone. All racers were out of the pool by the 12:30 mark, meaning that there were a few PB's and many competitive times. Kudos to Seth for smashing his previous best time by over two minutes, and to Bryan for coming through in 12:00 after not having raced in a swim ever.
Fastest transitions go to Theresa and Speedsuit-Winston. Now, let's go for a run!

Two 1km loops around the pool concluded with Nathaniel holding off Brendan and Hugo for the Male win, and with Karin pulling in a win herself. Within two minutes was the pack finish of Lise, Keely, Lindsey, Ryan, Theresa and Jen M.

These were the final times: (Swim Split, Total)

Nathanial           7:11, 16:21
Brendan            7:24, 16:41
Hugo                 8:04, 17:47

Winston             8:51, 18:53
Karin                 7:38, 19:02
8:52, 19:43
Ryan                 9:43, 20:00

Elise                 8:32, 20:30
Theresa           10:01, 20:40
Lyndsey            9:30, 20:49

Keely              10:10, 20:59
Lise                  9:47, 22:03
Bryan              12:03, 22:45
Seth                12:27, 23:19

The next weekend was the Brick, again, to the chilly and ugly wet that we are all pretty used to. 

Before the race started was an intense best of one rock, paper, scissors battle between Chris H and Nathaniel. Chris lost, and therefore was relegated to being the official bike watcher.

As for the race, it was sure a quick one, with many people beating their previous best times! Congrats to everyone who did! Anyways, after 10km of mud being flipped in Anthony’s Glasses-less face, the bike concluded with Elise and (later) Chris in the lead. Yes, Seth, unfortunately no bear attacks this time around.

Special mention to Karin`s what-seemed-to-be two second transition, and Anthony’s “no-care” 2minute shoe change. Next was the 1-mile run.

Huge congrats to Theresa and Mike for winning their categories! Theresa put in an incredible run to erase a more than 15 second deficit on the bike and battle to a one-second win, while Mike built on his solid bike with an untouchable run of his own. Very competitive times, with 1st through 3rd in the Female's category only separated by 12 seconds.

Overall, there was some great improvement the Fall Series! Final times below:

Theresa                 23:42:00
Jenn B                   23:43:00
Elise                       23:54:00
Lindsey                 24:28:00
Karin                      25:42:00

Mike                     21:10:00
Nathaniel            21:41:00
Chris H                 21:43:00
Winston               23:28:00
Anthony               24:52:00

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