Tuesday, March 5, 2013

500m Swim

This semester’s swim went out fast with Nathaniel swimming a 6:48.  Theresa had an amazing PB, swimming more than 30 seconds faster than last year and Tiffany swimming 28 seconds!  Brendan also had a PB, swimming 7:00, an amazing improvement of 12 seconds from last semester!  He was seen racing up from the back of lane in the last 100m, with an incredible finish to catch Jenn and Karin (who had a head start in the lane).  

There were some very close finishes as well, from the times, it is hard to tell who really won. Tiffany and Alex came in within a second of each other, and so did Jessie and Tom.  There is some close competition going on in the pool!

Despite being a Thursday evening, dark and probably rainy (rainy is always good guess if I can’t remember), the UBC pool was a busy place with lots of fast swimming going on!  It was great to see so many people out racing hard and so much improvement in the pool! 

Nathaniel 6:48
Brendan 7:00
Jenn B 7:04
Karin 7:15
Hugo 7:41
Joerg 8:19
Anthony 8:32
Winston 8:37
Tiffany 8:47
Alex T 8:47
Derek 8:55
Jessie 9:04
Tom 9:04
Lise 9:14
Ryan 9:17
Theresa 9:28
Alec 10:00
Keith 10:34
Liam 11:27
Alex 12:08
Clinton 14:09
Mirko 14:58

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