Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mile Run

This spring’s mile run saw some of the fastest race times this year!  The race was close between Nathaniel and Carl, Nathaniel winning by just less than a second!  Perneet came in third behind them, closely followed by Ryan and Hugo in a tie.  Jen M. won the girls, destroying the past club record!

Almost all the girls got PBs and every time was faster than in the fall.  Jenn M. ran 24 seconds faster than last fall, Theresa ran 16 seconds faster than last fall, and Lindsey running 21 seconds faster, amazing improvements!  One theory is that this semester the girls and guys all started together and the girls proved they could much faster with the guys pushing them.

The guys were also running faster than last semester, Ryan taking 13 seconds of last semester’s time and Perneet 15 seconds!  Overall, some very fast times times this semester!  With so much improvement, in both the 500m swim and the mile run, we can expect to see some great results from tri club next weekend at UBC tri!

Nathaniel: 4:49
Carl: 4:49.5
Perneet 5:01
Ryan: 5:03
Hugo: 5:03
Thom: 5:04
Liam: 5:08
Jen M.: 5:17
Winston: 5:28
Mirka; 5:33
Theresa: 5:33
Jordan: 5:48
Jorg: 5:50
Tiffany: 5:59
Lindsey: 6:00
Emily B.: 6: 03
Jenn B.: 6:08
Karin: 6:09
Vivian: 6:38
Bryan: 7:59

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