Sunday, September 23, 2012

4th Annual Fall Classic Race Series!

Good news everyone! The fall classic race series is almost upon us. Less than one more week left to squeeze in your last workouts with the desperate attempt to gain the edge on your opponents. Or, for others, this is the time to really brainstorm and come up with some mighty excuses as to why this may just not be your year. I know I've been working real hard (I'll leave that up to you to decide on what front)

For those of you new to the club, let me take a minute to explain the race series in full.

The race series is a fun way to test out your fitness and keeps you motivated even as the weather begins to deteriorate.

There are typically 8 events in the race series:

- 500m swim
- 5k run
- mile run
- uphill run
- 10.2k bike
- uphill bike
- brick
- aquathon

Unfortunately this year due to construction, we are still undecided if the aquathon will be possible. As it stands now we have introduced a new event, the Super Sprint which may have to take the place of the aquathon.

How do the points work? The winner (Male and Female) of each event gets 1000 points. And the % off from the winner is the amount of points you lose. If you run 10% slower than the winner, you get 900 points. For a more detailed description of the point breakdown, clickhere

In continuing with last years addition, if any team record is broken, that individual shall receive 25 bonus points!

The schedule of events can be found on the right sidebar.

Best of Luck!

Past Winners

Fall 2009: Matt Reeve / Lauren Sagadore
Spring 2010: Matt Reeve / Claire Haddock
Fall 2010: Matt Reeve / Victoria Gilbert
Spring 2011: Barry Claman / Kaley Strachan
Fall 2011: Barry Claman / Claire Askew
Spring 2012: Brendan Naef / Victoria Gilbert

Could this be Vince's year? With Matt Reeve moved home, Brendan possibly focusing on other B races, and possible sabotage towards Barry, Vince may finally get the win! Unless of course there are some new young guns. Or something comes up. Then rest assured you will hear all about what was standing in his way. 

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Andrew Wight said...

It's a good thing the trophy is named after Vince because that's the only way we will ever see his name on it.