Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Practices and Fall Schedule

Beginning Fall 2012
UBC Tri Club

Hello and Welcome (back) to another year of pleasure, pain, swimming, running, biking, and excessive amounts of fun with the UBC Triathlon club!

This is our tentative schedule for the fall term, but if you are cool enough to know already that you want to be a buff, lean, storm-the-wall, triathlon machine, come out to our FIRST PRACTICES, which are:

  1. WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4th, 5:30pm – an easy 30 – 45min Run, leaving from the Tri Room (SUB 107B *)
  2. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 5th, 8pm – an easy Swim of less than 60min.  Meet on the indoor pool deck (tell the front desk that you are with the Tri Club, or if that doesn't work, show them your student card and walk free anyways).
    * Can't find the Tri Club office? (Neither could most of us). Go to the space in between the UBC Pool and the SUB, walk towards the bus loop, and we are at the far back corner of the SUB, inside the final set of doors on the wall which faces the pool.

Tentative Regular Schedule

5:30pm – longer steady state/ social run

5:30pm – interval training


9am – interval training OR long ride


7pm - 8pm

8pm - 9pm

Notes regarding schedule:

  • ALL runs meet at the Tri Club Office (see starred note above for location).
  • Usually after runs a dedicated group of Ab-enthusiasts do some core conditioning. Join us : )
  • Swim practices meet just outside the change rooms in the indoor pool.
  • Saturday Bike Rides meet at the office. Groups split based on intention and ability. If you are riding your beater bike, it is perfectly OK to come out and try! You will probably be doing interval training, which takes place on and nearby the campus.


“If God invented marathons to keep people from doing anything more stupid, the triathlon must have taken Him completely by surprise."       - P. Z. Pearce 

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