Monday, February 7, 2011

New Point Breakdown for Race Series

For many reasons I don't really want to get into, we decided to change the way we tally the points for the race series. Instead of giving 30 points to the winner and then just roll down throughout all participants, a more consistent point allocation is going to be used.

The winner of each event (male and female) each get 1000 points. And your points are given out depending on how far off the winner you were.

Winners time 900 seconds
Your time 1000 seconds

Number of points winner gets = 1000
Number of points you get = 1000 X (900/1000) = 900 points

Additionally you will receive 50 participation points for each event to are at!

Hopefully this will make it more exciting because it means that big comebacks are possible!

If this doesn't work. We will go back to the way it was before.


L. Armstrong said...

Is there an eating contest? Sign me up! FEED THE WARRIOR

Dylan said...

Warning: DO NOT click on the L. Armstrong link. Things can not be unseen.

BAM! BAM! said...

Uncool Rob... Uncool

Kellen Kjera said...

i really want to click it.

Tom Denton said...

Why L. Armstrong?