Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Fling 10k

Well, last Saturday saw the latest addition to our spring fling race series. Despite the ugly weather bringing out a limited number of riders, the competition was still hot!

Iona was dry when the group got there, with a few teams doing their usual Saturday workout. After a few minutes of letting everyone cool down and shiver at the start the race got underway. A tail cross from the South kept you feeling like you were strong all the way to the turnaround, and that's when you discovered that, after that turn around, the "tail" of the cross became a very evil head.

The rain held off, and we saw some very impressive times for the conditions. Derrick Lee posted an incredible time of 16:20, almost a minute faster than the next fastest rider, earning him top spot among the guys. Celeste posted the leading women's time with an awesome 19:02!

Waiting in the cold for the start

Without further adieu, here are the times and points (hopefully I got them right) for the race.

Derrick 16:20
Sherwood 17:02
Matt 17:52
Scott 17:59
Nathaniel 19:09
Andrew 19:40
Winston 20:10

Celeste 19:02
Kim 19:55
Victoria 20:49
Claire 21:06
Lauren 21:17
Mel T 21:48
Karin 24:43


derrick Lee said...

there might be something wrong... Sherwood got 30 pts but his overall is 28.

Plantmiester said...

I'm not worried... they're pretty much my only points.

Vincent said...

Sherwood got 27 points for second place, and then 1 point for participation = 28 points.

Why you saying he got 30?

derrick Lee said...

huh... the post changed. originally i saw 30 pts next to his name. da' well

Kory said...

Sometimes derrick has problems with numbers.......