Monday, March 15, 2010


After the 3rd event in the Spring Fling Series, we see a familiar face atop the female leaderboard in Victoria Gilbert. Will she be able to maintain this lead in the Aquathon next week? Rumours of an injured foot are spreading, however, no evidence of aforementioned injury can been seen in the results.

And in the mens division another famous duo in Matt Reeve and Nathaniel Janzen trying to take over the top spot. Currently in a dead heat for first.

What this semester lacks in numbers, it surely is making up for in drama as taunting has already begun for the upcoming events, Storm the Wall being the focus of most attention.

Stay Tuned, Race report to follow.


Plantmiester said...

Nice picture.

Vincent said...

figured everyone needed some inspiration

Kory said...

So why aren't we doing the mile TT on Wednesday? St. Paddy's should always be celebrated after a hard effort... do you think chasing snakes was easy?