Friday, December 7, 2012

Fall 2012 Wrapped Up

Why hello companions!

For the first time ever, the UBC Tri club has a female as the overall winner of a race series. After months of grueling effort and determination, Victoria has earned her spot on the coveted Vincent Lavallee Trophy as the 2012 fall race series winner in the female`s category. Joining her on the trophy will be newly crowned men's winner Nathaniel Janzen. We will soon be etching the names on to two solid gold plaques and placing them on the base of the trophy. Big cheers for the new names on the trophy, but don't worry Vince, your name will still be the biggest. Rounding out the top three in each category are Elise, Karin, Vince, and Winston.

To congratulate everyone on another successful race series, a quite classy celebratory function was held on the night of Friday, November 30th where all of us were being responsible as always. My memory may be a bit fuzzy about what happened afterwards,  but I am just going to assume that we jumped straight back into training mode at Mr. Heinz's house by hammering out a few thousand calories on stationary bikes. What else could we have been doing? We're triathletes!

On a closing note have a wunderbar winter break and we'll see you in January to start it all over again!

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