Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall Classic Race Series, 2011!

I hope everyone is ready, because tomorrow, the 5th edition of the UBC Triathlon Club race series begins!

For those of you who don't know what this is. Each semester we hold 8 races:

  • Oct 1 - Uphill Bike
  • Oct 5 - Uphill run
  • Oct 16 - Aquathon (Swim Run)
  • Oct 19 - Mile run
  • Oct 29 - Iona 10.2K TT
  • Nov 2 - 5K run
  • Nov 6 - 500m swim
  • Nov 12 - Brick (Bike Run)
  • Dec 2 - Beer Mile

and keep track of the results in order to have an overall winner!

How do the points work? The winner (Male and Female) of each event gets 1000 points. And the % off from the winner is the amount of points you lose. If you run 10% slower than the winner, you get 900 points. For a more detailed description of the point breakdown, click here.

One addition to the point breakdown, new this semester, if any team record is broken, that individual shall receive 25 bonus points!

The series starts with the uphill bike time trial. People take this one seriously, so much so that some participants even removed their bar tape last year to lighten their bike. Embarrassingly this only achieved him a second place finish.

With the arrival of the race serious, individuals lifestyles will take a bit of a change. Everyone has been pretty relaxed over the summer with the minor B races they have been doing (Subaru series, IMC, Grand Columbian) but now the real racing begins. Rumours have it that a one John Heinz has decided to take this race seriously. Following the fly in his soup at the Grand Columbian, he is reported to be tapering for tomorrows uphill bike time trial. John has taken a new mantra for this semester, he's not going to date, go out to bars, drink coffee, or engage in high risk activities like water skiing or eating chocolate peanut butter ice cream. Most of the time he just wants to rest up for the race – it's now his job, even if it's not a high-paying one.

Who will win this semester? Will the return of Matt Reeve (Winner Fall 09, Spring 10, Fall 10) prove to be too much for the men to overcome as he attempts to make up for the disappointing interruption in his reign of victories last semester during his absence? Or has Barry's new found taste for victory (As the Spring 2011 winner) inspired a new level of performance from of him? Or will there be a new challenger? Brendan Naef is the newly crowned Super Triathlete, finding ironman just to be a little too easy. But can some random man really pull out the victory? Or will John Heinz running prowess finally allow him to pull out the victory after setting every run record last semester. John fears his running will not be as dominant as Carl Reilly who may have the edge on the flat routes. After all, these two were quoted as saying, "We were chatting during out run on Sunday" without mentioning that the run was a trail half marathon in which they came 1st and 2nd.

Or will it be a new surprise? A young gun born in the 90's that isn't even on our radar yet that steals the show from all our seasoned veterans.

On the woman's side there is a lot of excitement as well. In the uber competitive sex, there has yet to be a repeat winner capable of defending their championship. This semester will see two champions, Lauren Sagadore and Victoria Gilbert returning to try and claim the prize, however, Naielly Cabrera is ready to take on the challenge. Gearing up for the long course world championships in November, she has even started to attack her rivals outside of the race course, hosting a party on Thursday night with the hopes that her rivals will be hung over from the epicness of her household festivities. Kim Seder and Stephanie Flynn are also gearing up for the race series. Both podium finishers with hopes to move up the ladder and one day hoist up the Vincent Lavallée Cup!

Don't miss the first event Saturday October 1st! We will start off with the team photo at West Point Cycles. Meet at the club office at 9 and ride out together to the store, followed by the uphill bike time trial and then the welcome back bbq back on campus!

Past Winners

Fall 2009: Matt Reeve / Lauren Sagadore
Spring 2010: Matt Reeve / Claire Haddock
Fall 2010: Matt Reeve / Victoria Gilbert
Spring 2011: Barry Claman / Kaley Strachan


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Kory said...

Is the beer mile officially included in the points?? It should be.